Delphi Makes #8 on TPCI

The November TPCI is in, and Delphi has in fact made #8.  C# also moved up to #7.  It was September when Delphi returned to the top 10In October it took 9th, bumping JavaScript, and this month it bumped Perl as it took 8th.  Delphi continues to climb at a faster rate then C#, and it is only 0.02% behind C#, so it could still overtake it.

Delphi is competing for TIOBE’s “Language of the Year 2008 Award” together with C++ and Python.

Actually, if it continutes its rate of climb since September it could overtake Python as well, which would certainly help cinch its standing as language of the year.  If I remember Python was last year, so I think it is Delphi’s turn.

So keep up the work of adding the phrase “Delphi Programming” to the text of all your pages about Delphi.  While there are other phrases that count towards Delphi, they only take the highest phrase, which is currently “Delphi Programming” so lets focus on that.

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Another round table discussion about latest news and developments.

Our guests today:

Spirit of Delphi Award Winner and definitive Delphi author Marco Cantu. Marco has written close to 15 books on developing with Delphi. From his office in Italy, Marco is also an in demand trainer and consultant. You can follow Marco on his web site and his blog.  He’ll be on twitter soon.  It is only a matter of time. . . .

Roland Beenhakker is a long time Delphi user since version 1. He started his own company Beensoft Software Engineering. In this company a small team of professionals build software and webapplications to customer’s specifications, using Delphi and other tools. He is located in Heiloo, Netherlands, which is about 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam. His blog is Delphi Power Unleashed you can also follow him on Twitter.

marc hoffman is the Chief Software Architect for RemObjects and a Spare-time Photographer. When he is not guest appearing on this podcast he runs a blog at where he talks about Oxygene and shares some of his photographs. marc lives in Berlin Germany, and prefers his name all lowercase.  Follow him on Twitter.

Time is running out for the RemObjects and BeyondCompare discount codes.  I look forward to seeing everyone at PDC next week!


Torry’s Updates

I remember when I was getting started in Delphi programming (I started late with Delphi 2 as a long time Turbo Pascal developer) and I discovered the huge catalog of mostly free components on I thought I was in heaven.

Not only is Torry’s still updating with new components, tools, code samples and applications (see the list of updates in the last 7 days) they just updated their footer to include the following:

The Ultimate Source of Object Pascal and Delphi Programming Knowledge.

That should shift some more of their 19,900 pages about Delphi onto the TPCI.  Previously only 35 pages contained the phrase “Delphi programming”.  That is a boost of up to 19,865 pages (depending on how many Google and other search engines index.)


The Many Faces of Delphi

Question for you:

Q: What do Delphi, Kylix, Object Pascal, Free Pascal, Chrome and Oxygene all have in common?

A: They all count towards Delphi’s score on the TIOBE index when you follow them by the word Programming!

I remember when the Delphi IDE used the Object Pascal Programming language, then it changed to the Delphi Programming Language.  After the DevCo broke off from Borland it was referred to as both.  But as far as TPCI (TIOBE Programming Community Index) is concerned, you can call it what you like, as long as you say Programming after it.

Noticably missing:

Soon to come:

And TCPI counts seperately:

I was looking at the grouping and exceptions list at the bottom of the TCPI Definition last night and was surprised at the size of the Delphi group.  I’ve already contacted them about adding Delphi for .NET.  Once Prism is actually announced, then we can get it added too.

A number of bloggers (Gabr, Allen and Malcolm to name a few) have already updated their templates to include Delphi programming on every page of their blog.  That is a great way to make sure your existing Delphi content is counted towards the index.  I am not suggesting we game the system, just that we help TCPI get an accurate count.

As Olaf Monien pointed out, there are a lot of sites with a lot of room for improvement: being one of them!  In addition to his great list, check out the following:

How does your site measure up?  Update your Delphi related blog or site to say Delphi programming on every page in visible text (update the template).  Stand up and be counted.  You can make a difference!

Once you have updated your site, contact authors of other sites and encourage them to do the same!

UPDATE: Is the TPCI relevant?  There are 12,900 hits in Google where people have refernced them, and an Alexa traffic rank of: 111,776. (Thanks RIF)


Delphi Keeps Climbing

Last month Delphi was back in the top 10 for the TIOBE Programming Community Index for September. Well the numbers for October are out, and Delphi has kept on moving to position #9.  It bumped JavaScript.

I truly believe we are in the Delphi Renaissance.

The way the TIOBE Index works is it looks for the phrase “Delphi programming” in various searches.  Then compares the numbers for all the languages it indexes.  So be sure you say “Delphi programming” in your pages that are talking about Delphi, instead of some shorthand that doesn’t meet that search criteria.

That is why I have Delphi programming in my subtitle here.  Then I know it is on every page.

Call to Action

  1. Update your blog or web site to say “Delphi programming” on every page.
  2. Contact the authors of other Delphi blogs to remind them to do the same.
  3. Include the phrase Delphi programming in forum posts you might make.
  4. Contact people behind other Delphi related web sites and remind them to do the same.

Together we can take #8 in November! (And in the US you thought November was just about the presidential election!)

Update: If you update your site or blog to say “Delphi programming” on every page, leave a link here, and add a comment to your blog so others will see it and do the same.  If you look, C# is in number 8, and it wasn’t that long ago that Delphi was ahead of C#.


TIOBE: Delphi in top 10 again after strong comeback

The TIOBE prorgamming langauge index is reporting that Delphi programming is in the top 10 again in September after a strong comeback.  As always it is still a grade A rated language.  It is great to see it back in the top 10.  I guess that Embarcadero marketing is paying off.

What the TIOBE index does is look across all the search engines to find hits that reference different programming languages.  For ever page it finds that says “Delphi programming” it considers that page to be related to Delphi.  It then weights it all and provides a ranking.

Both the Delphi programming langauge and the Pascal programming language (which might include Object Pascal since they don’t filter that) jumped 4 places since September of 2007.  I would think they should combine Delphi and Object Pascal.  Not sure how much of a difference that would make.  Interestingly the detail page on Delphi says the lowest it has ever been (since 2001) was 12th place, but the main page says it was 14th last year.  One of the two is wrong.  I don’t recall Delphi being the 14th, so maybe I am reading it wrong now.

Hat tip to Esteban Pacheco for the lead.  I usually check TIOBE, but I guess I forgot to.