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Delphi Makes #8 on TPCI

The November TPCI is in, and Delphi has in fact made #8.  C# also moved up to #7.  It was September when Delphi returned to the top 10.  In October it took 9th, bumping JavaScript, and this month it bumped … Continue reading

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11 – More Roundtable

Another round table discussion about latest news and developments. How the community can promote Delphi programming TPCI? Delphi Flash mob (details coming soon) PDC – Windows 7, Silverlight 2 Twitter Anonymous Methods Speed of TStringBuilder Garbage Collection and IDisposable / … Continue reading

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Torry’s Updates

I remember when I was getting started in Delphi programming (I started late with Delphi 2 as a long time Turbo Pascal developer) and I discovered the huge catalog of mostly free components on Torry.net I thought I was in … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Delphi

Question for you: Q: What do Delphi, Kylix, Object Pascal, Free Pascal, Chrome and Oxygene all have in common? A: They all count towards Delphi’s score on the TIOBE index when you follow them by the word Programming! I remember … Continue reading

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Delphi Keeps Climbing

Last month Delphi was back in the top 10 for the TIOBE Programming Community Index for September. Well the numbers for October are out, and Delphi has kept on moving to position #9.  It bumped JavaScript. I truly believe we … Continue reading

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TIOBE: Delphi in top 10 again after strong comeback

The TIOBE prorgamming langauge index is reporting that Delphi programming is in the top 10 again in September after a strong comeback.  As always it is still a grade A rated language.  It is great to see it back in the … Continue reading

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