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I remember when I was getting started in Delphi programming (I started late with Delphi 2 as a long time Turbo Pascal developer) and I discovered the huge catalog of mostly free components on I thought I was in heaven.

Not only is Torry’s still updating with new components, tools, code samples and applications (see the list of updates in the last 7 days) they just updated their footer to include the following:

The Ultimate Source of Object Pascal and Delphi Programming Knowledge.

That should shift some more of their 19,900 pages about Delphi onto the TPCI.  Previously only 35 pages contained the phrase “Delphi programming”.  That is a boost of up to 19,865 pages (depending on how many Google and other search engines index.)

2 replies on “Torry’s Updates” is a great site, a pity that the recent updates have been mostly commercial components (some not really exciting or worth IMO).

Not Torry’s fault, but Delphi 3rd party components have seen better days.


A lot of Delphi developers are getting in to more senior positions and do have families limiting the time they can spend on developing good free/open source components and component suites. What Delphi do need are younger developers, students. Because they do have the time to start or continue development of components and component suites.

What could also be of value is an open source component framework(I am thinking here in the lines of JQuery) that can be used/extended to add functionality, with the current open source suites (JCL, JVCL, Turbo Power suites, Indy) it is an all or nothing approach. Yes, you can install only parts of the JVCL but you still have to download the whole suite. It is also difficult to build add on components to release separately from the suite using only the core (What would such a core be?).I for example would love to replace easily replace the built in JCL/JVCL encryption components with the excellent DCPCrypt2 suite.
NS. All the mentioned suites are great, although I do think that some of them are getting a bit long in the tooth and needs refreshing or at least some of there components.

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