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10 – Marco Cantù

Episode 10 is an interview with Spirit of Delphi Award Winner and definitive Delphi author Marco Cantu. This interview was recorded October 10th with Marco at his office in Italy.  We talk about Marco’s new book, Delphi 2009 Features, REST application development, Domain Specific Languages, Generics, Anonymous Methods, Delphi Prism, Native Win32 vs. .NET Development and much more.

Marco will be presenting at both the upcoming Ekon 12 conference in Germany, and CodeRage 3 virtual conference.

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Jim, now that we’ve heard “free book” offer confirmed from Marco – can you tell us if there was a special link to update the contact information, or if you were really just directed to the “normal” updating procedure? I know I haven’t received an e-mail about it yet, and I’m sure the same applies to others – but if it’s not enough to update them “normally”, then there’s not much point in doing it (at least not if nothing is different).

I wish I had a magic link to send to you, but I don’t. Sorry. My email said:

When you’ve completed updating your account information, we’ll add you to the distribution list of the PDF version at no cost, all in appreciation of your interest in our products.

You could try this link, but it might require a flag set on your account. . . .

It doesn’t *look* like there’s anything user-specific about it, so just going to CDN and updating regularly should be enough.

At least, that’s what I’m going to assume – we’ll see if/when they send it to me. Thanks 🙂

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