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Things I Learned from Delphi CodeRage 8

Mostly from CodeRage 8, but some is from my time working for Embarcadero. I believe I’ve presented at every CodeRage, but this is my first time on the other side. It is also the biggest CodeRage by a significant margin. … Continue reading

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Delphi Prism Silverlight Replay

My CodeRage 4 session Introduction to Silverlight with Delphi Prism is available for replay (full resolution). Some of the links are there, but there will be more links and more downloads to come. I also formatted the video (reduced resolution) … Continue reading

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31 – MonoTouchDevelopPrism

marc hoffman of RemObjects discusses some of the news about MonoTouch for the iPhone, MonoDevelop for the Mac, and Silverlight 3 development, and all with Delphi Prisim. You can follow the progress of Delphi Prism and the MonoDevelop rewrite in … Continue reading

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18 – CodeRage III Wrap-Up

CodeRage III was a huge success last week. I attended a few sessions in addition to my own, and for the most part, everything ran smoothly. There was one room change, and LiveMeeting disabled audio from time to time, but … Continue reading

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Delayed Exception Handling

If you caugh the Delayed Exception Handling session, you can download the code.

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17 – CodeRage III and WideOrbit

This is Episode 17 for Monday, December 01, 2008. I just returned from a vacation over the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. If you didn’t get any Turkey last week, then just send me a self addressed stamped envelope … Continue reading

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16 – CodeRage, Delphi RobotRage and Technology

I am actually sitting outside a closed coffee shop using their free wifi in hopes I will be able to upload this. I am on a family vacation and I didn’t think about the fact that I wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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Robot Rage SDK Available

The SDK / API / Framework is now available for the Revenge of Delphi Robot Rage. Check out the details page. This time around it uses Delphi Prism and a much better API and Framework based on UT3 for your … Continue reading

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CodeRage III Sessions and Registration

David I just posted that CodeRage III sessions and registration is available now.  There are a lot of really great looking sessions there too. CodeRage III is a virtual conference that runs December 1-5, 2008 and is free to attend, … Continue reading

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10 – Marco Cantù

Episode 10 is an interview with Spirit of Delphi Award Winner and definitive Delphi author Marco Cantu. This interview was recorded October 10th with Marco at his office in Italy.  We talk about Marco’s new book, Delphi 2009 Features, REST … Continue reading

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