Robot Rage SDK Available

The SDK / API / Framework is now available for the Revenge of Delphi Robot Rage. Check out the details page.

This time around it uses Delphi Prism and a much better API and Framework based on UT3 for your bots. I am sure you will find it much easier to work with, and way more powerful.

I am still looking into prizes and I need to set the time frame for entries. So much to do, so little time.

Stay tuned for more information and make sure you are registered for CodeRage III. See you at the final session!

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3 Responses to Robot Rage SDK Available

  1. Jim,

    The second link “check out the details page.” is broken.

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    @Mohammed Nasman: Fixed it. Thanks!

  3. Eduardo Bai says:

    It will be nice if we have a copy of Delphi Prism to play with the SDK? 🙂

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