Delphi Flash Mob at PDC

To all Delphi developers (past, present and future) who are attending PDC next week, be sure to stop by CodeGear’s booth to find out about the time of the Delphi Flash Mob. I’ll also post details here and via my Twitter feed.

What is a flash mob?  Think of it as planned improvising.  PDC offers Open Spaces meeting areas for attendees to arrange their own impromptu sessions.  Kind of like Birds of a Feather sessions of old.  So plan on meeting there to discuss Delphi.  Allen Bauer has already volunteered to talk about anything he can and answer questions.  It should be a great opportunity to learn more about Delphi.  So bring your questions, or post them here now and we can be ready to address them there.

Remember: Details at CodeGear’s booth, on this blog, or via Twitter (check the Twitter page for more Delphi Twitterati)

Audio podCast

11 – More Roundtable

Another round table discussion about latest news and developments.

Our guests today:

Spirit of Delphi Award Winner and definitive Delphi author Marco Cantu. Marco has written close to 15 books on developing with Delphi. From his office in Italy, Marco is also an in demand trainer and consultant. You can follow Marco on his web site and his blog.  He’ll be on twitter soon.  It is only a matter of time. . . .

Roland Beenhakker is a long time Delphi user since version 1. He started his own company Beensoft Software Engineering. In this company a small team of professionals build software and webapplications to customer’s specifications, using Delphi and other tools. He is located in Heiloo, Netherlands, which is about 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam. His blog is Delphi Power Unleashed you can also follow him on Twitter.

marc hoffman is the Chief Software Architect for RemObjects and a Spare-time Photographer. When he is not guest appearing on this podcast he runs a blog at where he talks about Oxygene and shares some of his photographs. marc lives in Berlin Germany, and prefers his name all lowercase.  Follow him on Twitter.

Time is running out for the RemObjects and BeyondCompare discount codes.  I look forward to seeing everyone at PDC next week!

Audio podCast

9 – CodeRage 3 and Delphi Prism

The reason for this special edition is there has been some big news lately and I wanted to go straight to the source to get you the facts on what is going on as soon as possible.

I tracked down Anders Ohlsson and Christine Ellis of Developer Relations at Embarcadero CodeGear to get the facts on CodeRage 3, an upcoming physical conference and the elusive Delphi Prism.  We also discuss plans for a Delphi flash mob at the PDC Open Spaces.

Delphi Twitters at PDC

Post a comment if you will be at PDC and include your Twitter page if you have one.

I will be at CodeRage and PDC.  See you there!