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26 – Dwitterphi

The TMS AdvSmoothListBox - Nice twitter UI don't you think?Introducing Dwitterphi – the Delphi native Twitter client

The idea is to build a great light weight (lighter than Air) native Twitter client with Delphi 2009.  It will show off some of the cool Delphi 2009 features and will be available as open source via the MPL 1.1 or New BSD licenses.  While it uses some amazing 3rd party licenses, the goal is to make it buildable by everyone with Delphi 2009.

Recent contributions (Thanks guys!)

Other libraries

  • DISQLite3 DISQLite3 – A high performance, multi-user, fail-safeSQL-92 database engine with ACID transaction. Using the free version.
  • Ararat Synapse – Blocking (synchronous) sockets or with limited non-blocking mode. Open source – BSD License.
  • TMS Smooth Controls Pack – Feature-rich sophisticated looking & smoothly animated controls. Free with Delphi 2009.  Full version with source donated to the project by TMS – Thanks!
  • Addict Spell Checker – Native Delphi spell checking component suite of controls. Premium commercial components – able to exclude via compiler directives.
  • Delphi restLib – REST Library for Delphi derived from lingr-delphi. Worked with D2009, but uses WideString.

The project is hosted at Assembla in an SVN repository.  All 3rd party dependencies will be included when possible.

A few of the features we have in mind:

  • Lightweight
  • Groups of friends
    • Filter by Groups
    • Highlight by Groups
    • Autogrouping by keyword / hash tag usage
  • Filter / Highlight by keywords
  • Threading in the stream
    • Expand the thread to see what the tweet is in reply too
  • Database that stores all your Tweets to allow easy searching
  • Use the latest OAuth authentication (thanks to Chuck!)

The core Twitter API wrapper, and other parts as it makes sense, will target earlier versions of Delphi and FreePascal.  Additionally the project will be loosely coupled and fairly modular to allow peices to be removed or swapped out with minimum effort.

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Delphi Feeds on Twitter

I just updated the Delphi Twitter directory with a few new additions, one specific one of note:, your one stop shop for all Delphi blog feeds, is now posting updates via Twitter.

Thanks to Dennis Gurok (also on Twitter) and his team for all their great efforts!


Definitive Delphi Twitter Directory

In a few of our podcasts we have discussed Twitter so I have created the Definitive Delphi Twitter Directory.  If you have JavaScript enabled then you will also get the last 5 twitters by each person on the page.

It currently only has a few people in there.  I tried to choose previous guests, but it is late and I know I missed people.  So let me know if you Twitter about Delphi Programming and I will add you to the directory.  Additionally if there someone who you follow who Twitter’s about Delphi Programming and I will add them to the list.

This uses a modified version of the JavaScript badge provided by Twitter via JSON.  If you know JavaScript and want to tweak the modified script to include photos and their bio let me know.  Just comment bellow and I will email you (leave your email in the field and only I will see it!)

Audio podCast

9 – CodeRage 3 and Delphi Prism

The reason for this special edition is there has been some big news lately and I wanted to go straight to the source to get you the facts on what is going on as soon as possible.

I tracked down Anders Ohlsson and Christine Ellis of Developer Relations at Embarcadero CodeGear to get the facts on CodeRage 3, an upcoming physical conference and the elusive Delphi Prism.  We also discuss plans for a Delphi flash mob at the PDC Open Spaces.

Delphi Twitters at PDC

Post a comment if you will be at PDC and include your Twitter page if you have one.

I will be at CodeRage and PDC.  See you there!


RTM: Delphi 2009

It is official, Delphi 2009 has been released to manufacturing, and some lucky individuals are actually receiving downloads.  I had a suspicion of this when I posted my podcast, but wanted to be sure.  Nick Hodges posted a Twitter that he was “Sitting in on our internal company launch call,” which made me suspect it was the Delphi launch, but then Dr. Bob posted that he was sending out ESD licenses to BeNeLux customers, and now Anders has posted that it in fact was RTM at 4 PM on Sunday.

Happy day!  Although I was expecting a press release or something really official looking like they did when they made it available for sale.