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Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 5

Anders Ohlsson shows of his Delphi parsing tool to aid in the migration to Unicode support with Delphi 2009.

Embarcadero Technologies

DelphiLive! 2009
May 2009 in San Jose

Part 5 of 8.




[Part 4] – [Part 6] (Coming soon!)

BTW, I have family visiting from out of state, so have been a little busy to upload these videos as fast as I would like.  They will keep coming though.


Delphi 2009 Updates 3 & 4 are in the Wild!

The long anticipated Delphi 2009 Update 3 is now available.  Just run check for updates. As if the long list of fixes in Update 3 wasn’t enough, they also released a Database Pack Update 4.  You can also download to install on multiple machines.  Looks like there is a Boost update for C++ Builder 2009 users too.

Update: Nick Hodges, Delphi R&D manager has added a post about the release.


DelphiLive! Speaker Series

DelphiLive! Speaker

Let me know if you have a specific speaker from DelphiLive! you would like interviewed on the podcast, and any specific questiosn you might have.  I’ve already contacted a few speakers at random,  but I am certainly open to interviewing all the speakers.  If you are a speaker then feel free to nominate yourself or just drop me an email.

With each speaker I plan to talk with them a little about their background, what they are up to, and what we can expect from their sessions.



The Delphi Tour Groupie

I guess you could say I am a bit of a Delphi groupie, especially for tours and events . . . . The new Delphi 2009 Productivity Tour reminds me of the Delphi 6 Release Tour.

The nearest tour stop for the Delphi 6 tour was in Salt Lake City, Utah and I lived in Boise, Idaho (I live on the northern Washington coast now.)  So a friend of mine and I took the day off of work and left really early to drive down to Salt Lake City (about 5 hours away).  We made it in by 10 AM for the start of the presentation.

Anders Ohlsson

This was the first time I met Anders Ohlsson.  It was extra memorable because the airlines lost his luggage and presentation laptop so he was in sweat pants, a T-shirt and on a laptop that didn’t work right with the projector (couldn’t show on the projector and the screen at the same time, so he had to keep looking over his shoulder.)  It was still a great presentation. Of course we couldn’t get enough so we took Anders to lunch and grilled him with some more questions.  He ended up helping us with some tough problems we had with our current development and saved us a lot of headaches.  As far as I know that company still uses the framework he helped us develop over lunch.  It was a good investment.  Maybe I should have expensesed it. . . .

We found out Anders was presenting at the users group that night too, so we stuck around for that in hopes we would win a copy of Delphi 6.  We didn’t win Delphi, but I was glad I we stuck around anyway since I won a cool Delphi hat that I still own.  It says “Delphi does it all, especially Windows.”   We decided not to stick around for the after meeting party since we had to work the next day.

My friend was going to trade off on the drive home so I could get some sleep too, but that was when he discovered he couldn’t drive a stick.  That ended up being OK because we discovered Mountain Dew Code Red (a new flavor at the time) for the trip home.  I believe my friend said it tasted like “Manna from Heaven.”  Not sure he had a reliable frame of reference, but it was amusing none the less.

Hopefully the Delphi 2009 Productivity Tour is stoping in a city near you.  If not, then it sounds like a good chance for a road trip!  Be sure to register for all the events you plan on attending.  Remember, the price of airfare is actually down right now, and flying across the country is a great way to support the economy!

Who knows, maybe I will see you there . . . .


Getting the Latest JCL and JVCL

I went to install the latest JVCL today for Delphi 2009.  I was surprised that JEDI stopped offering one download with both the JCL and JVCL.  So I downloaded both, installing JCL first since it is required by JVCL.  Well, JVCL gave me an error that I had the wrong version of the JCL installed.

So I went back to Sourceforge to look if I grabbed the wrong one.  Sure enough, I had the September 9th version of each.  I tried again, and it still didn’t work.  So I figured I would get the latest from Subversion.  After I installed the subversion client I discovered links to download the latest versions via the subversion web interface as a tar.gz file (no need to connect via subversion.)  The links are not obvious, but really useful in my opinion, so I thought I would share them here:

[Check out the official daily link in the comments!]

One thing that is missing is the JVCL help, which you can download seperately (along with demos, etc.)

If you don’t have something that can open a tar.gz then get 7Zip.  It does a two step process (extract the tar from the gz, then extract the files from the tar), but it gets the job done.

Hope that helps.  Maybe I missed something and there is an easier way to get these packages. . . .

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Episode 13 – Allen Bauer live at PDC2008

This was recorded live at PDC2008.  You are getting it unedited and raw, but in your choice of formats: Audio or Video!

  • Talking about Delphi 2009 and Delphi Prism.
  • Discuss language compatibility going forward between the two languages.
  • Allen’s role in developing Delphi.
  • What is new with Embarcadero.
  • The future of .NET and Win32
  • Windows Azure
  • Multicore technology
  • Touch, Multitouch, Surface and Windows 7, and PDC2008!

Allen Bauer is the Chief Scientist working on Delphi for Embarcadero’s CodeGear.  You can read his blog at the Oracle at Delphi and follow him on Twitter.

Whatever format you get, it is 10:49 long.


First Delphi Flash Mob at PDC2008

At 1:45 AM today Allen Bauer will be presenting an open space session on Delphi 2009.  Be sure to show up with your Delphi questions and to find out what is new in Delphi 2009.  I’ll be there and would love to meet you too.

I picked up my Delphi Prism DVD too.  I’ll post some interesting details on that later.  Just in case you missed the news (or didn’t see it coming), it is powered by the RemObjects Oxygene compiler.  From what I can tell they have exclusively licensed it. 

PDC has been really interesting.  I’ve been live posting to Twitter as much as I can, and much more frequently then I can here.  I’ve already done a couple of interviews that I will be posting later too.  Need to find some good WiFi.  I am on one of the provided PC’s right now.  BTW, IE 8 Beta doesn’t seem it like WordPress’s Admin page.  Don’t think I can get Firefox installed though.


Free Delphi 2009 Handbook by Marco Cantu

Hopefully you all just got an email from Michael Swindell with the subject line “Product Update: Delphi and C++Builder Changes.”  The email address it comes from is “CodeGear from Embarcadero” <>.  If not, then check your spam folders and furiously refresh your in-box until it shows up.

The email is a request to update your contact information (which seems like an odd request since they obviously have my email address), although I think it is just a matter of getting us to agree to a privacy policy / terms of use with the new company. I’m happy to maintain contact with CodeGear & Embarcadero, but the carrot they offer in return is a free PDF copy of Marco Cantu‘s yet to be released Delphi 2009 Handbook.

They will email the download link later.  I can hardly wait.  Now I just need to get an autographed hard copy.  I’ll be sure to pack a copy when I go to the physical Delphi conference CodeGear is planning.

Audio podCast

7 – Beyond Compare

Craig Peterson - Lead Developer for Beyond CompareThis week is an interview with Craig Peterson, the Lead Developer on Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare, one of my favorite utilities.  We discuss deveoping on the Linux platform with Kylix, adding Unicode Support pre-Delphi 2009, the new version of Beyond Compare and some tips for using it, plus a whole lot more.

Be sure to listen to the podcast to get your 25% discount code on Beyond compare version 3.  Also still good is the RemObjects 20% discount code.  Both are valid through the end of October!

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Intro to Generic Collections with Delphi 2009

A very short introduction to Generic Collections in Delphi 2009. Create a TList of Integers and show adding and removing items from it. Showing some of the differences in types, gotchas and errors you might get.

Generics, or parametrized types, are a type that works with another type that is defined later. Collections are a great example of using them. You create a generic TList, and then when you use it you declare what type it will contain. Then it will be strongly typed to that specific type, both in adding items and removing them.

Delphi Generics work with all types in Delphi: native types (Integer, string, etc.), Records, Objects and Interfaces.

This is screen cast episode 2, shot with Camtasia and hosted on Vimeo.  I had to shoot it at 1280×720 so they will offer it in HD and not downscale it.  Let me know how it works for everyone.

As was pointed out in the comments, the download link only works after you sign into Vimeo.  If that doesn’t work for people let me know and I will come up with a different solution.