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Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 5

Anders Ohlsson shows of his Delphi parsing tool to aid in the migration to Unicode support with Delphi 2009. Embarcadero Technologies DelphiLive! 2009 May 2009 in San Jose Part 5 of 8. [Vimeo] [YouTube] [Viddler] [Part 4] – [Part 6] … Continue reading

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Delphi 2009 Updates 3 & 4 are in the Wild!

The long anticipated Delphi 2009 Update 3 is now available.  Just run check for updates. As if the long list of fixes in Update 3 wasn’t enough, they also released a Database Pack Update 4.  You can also download to … Continue reading

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DelphiLive! Speaker Series

Let me know if you have a specific speaker from DelphiLive! you would like interviewed on the podcast, and any specific questiosn you might have.  I’ve already contacted a few speakers at random,  but I am certainly open to interviewing all … Continue reading

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The Delphi Tour Groupie

I guess you could say I am a bit of a Delphi groupie, especially for tours and events . . . . The new Delphi 2009 Productivity Tour reminds me of the Delphi 6 Release Tour. The nearest tour stop … Continue reading

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Getting the Latest JCL and JVCL

I went to install the latest JVCL today for Delphi 2009.  I was surprised that JEDI stopped offering one download with both the JCL and JVCL.  So I downloaded both, installing JCL first since it is required by JVCL.  Well, … Continue reading

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Episode 13 – Allen Bauer live at PDC2008

This was recorded live at PDC2008.  You are getting it unedited and raw, but in your choice of formats: Audio or Video! Talking about Delphi 2009 and Delphi Prism. Discuss language compatibility going forward between the two languages. Allen’s role … Continue reading

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First Delphi Flash Mob at PDC2008

At 1:45 AM today Allen Bauer will be presenting an open space session on Delphi 2009.  Be sure to show up with your Delphi questions and to find out what is new in Delphi 2009.  I’ll be there and would … Continue reading

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Free Delphi 2009 Handbook by Marco Cantu

Hopefully you all just got an email from Michael Swindell with the subject line “Product Update: Delphi and C++Builder Changes.”  The email address it comes from is “CodeGear from Embarcadero” <e-update@email.codegear.com>.  If not, then check your spam folders and furiously … Continue reading

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7 – Beyond Compare

This week is an interview with Craig Peterson, the Lead Developer on Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare, one of my favorite utilities.  We discuss deveoping on the Linux platform with Kylix, adding Unicode Support pre-Delphi 2009, the new version of Beyond … Continue reading

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Intro to Generic Collections with Delphi 2009

A very short introduction to Generic Collections in Delphi 2009. Create a TList of Integers and show adding and removing items from it. Showing some of the differences in types, gotchas and errors you might get. Generics, or parametrized types, … Continue reading

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