Free Delphi 2009 Handbook by Marco Cantu

Hopefully you all just got an email from Michael Swindell with the subject line “Product Update: Delphi and C++Builder Changes.”  The email address it comes from is “CodeGear from Embarcadero” <>.  If not, then check your spam folders and furiously refresh your in-box until it shows up.

The email is a request to update your contact information (which seems like an odd request since they obviously have my email address), although I think it is just a matter of getting us to agree to a privacy policy / terms of use with the new company. I’m happy to maintain contact with CodeGear & Embarcadero, but the carrot they offer in return is a free PDF copy of Marco Cantu‘s yet to be released Delphi 2009 Handbook.

They will email the download link later.  I can hardly wait.  Now I just need to get an autographed hard copy.  I’ll be sure to pack a copy when I go to the physical Delphi conference CodeGear is planning.

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Thanks for the heads up…It was sitting in my spam folder, and almost got trashed.

Quick Jim, correct the typos before MACRO notices… 😉



Thanks Oliver! I fixed it, although Marco already emailed me about the post. He didn’t mention the typos, so either he didn’t notice, or was too polite to mention. I guess there is a 3rd possibility that he likes the nickname. . . .

Is it only for those who have purchased and regisered a version of D2009? I’m still waiting for one last thirdparty so I do not yet have a registered version 🙁

I don’t think it is for only registered D2009 because I got an email on an old account of mine that doesn’t have D2009 registered on it (at least I don’t think it does. . . .) Alan is registered and he didn’t get it (or his spam filters got it first). Anyone else who hasn’t or has gotten it? What is your D2009 status?

Haven’t received my mail either to any of my accounts (checked my spam filters too)
Am long time BDN/CDN member
Have not yet registered D2009 (still waiting for Add-in-Express)

Haven?t received my mail either .. I have had an account since 1997 … ANd have registered 3 diffrent liegal Delphi copies … But no Delphi 2009 yet …

Jens Borrisholt

Had account for as long as I can remember.
Have SA, downloaded, installed and registered D2009.
No email in inbox or spam.

Have SA, downloaded installed and registered D2009 and received the email moments after this blog was posted… although it had to be retrieved out of my spam folder. I’m hoping my new rule of accept all email from the domain works and makes me wonder how much of the other messages from codegear I have missed.

Been there, done that, got no book (or should I say e-mail?).
I checked my spam folder and I have not seen anything from CodeGear.
What is the rime or reason behind this? Who does get the e-mail and the free e-book and why?

Since the author of this blog, or Michael Swindell him self, are willing to answer questions about hwo to achive this off I suppose it is just a hoaks and the offer is not for real !!! If this was a real offer then the link would be published here !!!

…. Swindell ….

Jens B

I wish I had a magic link to send to you, but I don?t. Sorry. My email said:

When you?ve completed updating your account information, we?ll add you to the distribution list of the PDF version at no cost, all in appreciation of your interest in our products.

You could try this link, but it might require a flag set on your account. . . .

Note to everyone asking me for a copy: It is free for registered users of Delphi 2009. If you are a registered user then you can download it from Embarcadero. If you are not, then you can buy it from Marco. I will not give you a copy.

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