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Delphi Prism / Oxygene Questions

Monday’s podcast will feature an interview with RemObject‘s marc hoffman.  Delphi Prism has been released, and it is powered by the RemObjects Oxygene compiler.   If you have any questions about the Oxygene Compiler then this is your opportunity to ask … Continue reading

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Getting the Latest JCL and JVCL

I went to install the latest JVCL today for Delphi 2009.  I was surprised that JEDI stopped offering one download with both the JCL and JVCL.  So I downloaded both, installing JCL first since it is required by JVCL.  Well, … Continue reading

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Episode 13 – Allen Bauer live at PDC2008

This was recorded live at PDC2008.  You are getting it unedited and raw, but in your choice of formats: Audio or Video! Talking about Delphi 2009 and Delphi Prism. Discuss language compatibility going forward between the two languages. Allen’s role … Continue reading

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Delphi Makes #8 on TPCI

The November TPCI is in, and Delphi has in fact made #8.  C# also moved up to #7.  It was September when Delphi returned to the top 10.  In October it took 9th, bumping JavaScript, and this month it bumped … Continue reading

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