Getting the Latest JCL and JVCL

I went to install the latest JVCL today for Delphi 2009.  I was surprised that JEDI stopped offering one download with both the JCL and JVCL.  So I downloaded both, installing JCL first since it is required by JVCL.  Well, JVCL gave me an error that I had the wrong version of the JCL installed.

So I went back to Sourceforge to look if I grabbed the wrong one.  Sure enough, I had the September 9th version of each.  I tried again, and it still didn’t work.  So I figured I would get the latest from Subversion.  After I installed the subversion client I discovered links to download the latest versions via the subversion web interface as a tar.gz file (no need to connect via subversion.)  The links are not obvious, but really useful in my opinion, so I thought I would share them here:

[Check out the official daily link in the comments!]

One thing that is missing is the JVCL help, which you can download seperately (along with demos, etc.)

If you don’t have something that can open a tar.gz then get 7Zip.  It does a two step process (extract the tar from the gz, then extract the files from the tar), but it gets the job done.

Hope that helps.  Maybe I missed something and there is an easier way to get these packages. . . .

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@Aleksey Timohin: ACK, you are correct.

@Andreas Hausladen & Stefan: Where did you find links to the dailies? That is what I was looking for but couldn’t find it. Thanks!

last week i got a new copy myself for d2009 & was pleasantly surprised that–although there wasn’t the installers bundled together–it worked better than usual. here’s what i used:

jcl 1.103
jvcl 3.35

i dislike having the possibility of this version mismatch & have had that problem many times in the past. i wish very much for a unified installer for jcl & jvcl.

@Mike P: I believe those are the versions I installed, but they didn’t work for me. Then I tried the snapshots on another computer and JCL wouldn’t compile (that happens with development versions, they change!)

I’d like to see the return of a unified installer too.

I was able to install the Sept. 9’th D2009 previews on D2009 but when I tried installing it on all the versions of Delphi that I currently use (D5, D7, D2006, and D2009) it would fail.

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