The Revenge of Delphi Robot Rage

Back in CodeRage II we saw the introduction of Delphi Robot Rage.  Unfortunately the engine was a little buggy and didn’t work on all platforms.  Well, for CodeRage III, Delphi Robot Rage is back with a vengeance (sounds cool anyway).  A whole new engine, with more development options!

Details are here!

2 replies on “The Revenge of Delphi Robot Rage”

I have math class while that session is in progress (final lesson before exams!), but I’ll probably enter anyway. I can’t very well give up last year’s second place without a fight, can I? ^_~

Who knows, maybe we’ll finish early so I can be there for at least part of the session…

For those interested in the source of the old locked bots, rename .dro to .zip and use 523FF834AA267 as password. format the code with your own code formatter (packed format should be quite obvious).

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