Delphi Makes #8 on TPCI

The November TPCI is in, and Delphi has in fact made #8.  C# also moved up to #7.  It was September when Delphi returned to the top 10In October it took 9th, bumping JavaScript, and this month it bumped Perl as it took 8th.  Delphi continues to climb at a faster rate then C#, and it is only 0.02% behind C#, so it could still overtake it.

Delphi is competing for TIOBE’s “Language of the Year 2008 Award” together with C++ and Python.

Actually, if it continutes its rate of climb since September it could overtake Python as well, which would certainly help cinch its standing as language of the year.  If I remember Python was last year, so I think it is Delphi’s turn.

So keep up the work of adding the phrase “Delphi Programming” to the text of all your pages about Delphi.  While there are other phrases that count towards Delphi, they only take the highest phrase, which is currently “Delphi Programming” so lets focus on that.