Delphi Makes #8 on TPCI

The November TPCI is in, and Delphi has in fact made #8.  C# also moved up to #7.  It was September when Delphi returned to the top 10In October it took 9th, bumping JavaScript, and this month it bumped Perl as it took 8th.  Delphi continues to climb at a faster rate then C#, and it is only 0.02% behind C#, so it could still overtake it.

Delphi is competing for TIOBE’s “Language of the Year 2008 Award” together with C++ and Python.

Actually, if it continutes its rate of climb since September it could overtake Python as well, which would certainly help cinch its standing as language of the year.  If I remember Python was last year, so I think it is Delphi’s turn.

So keep up the work of adding the phrase “Delphi Programming” to the text of all your pages about Delphi.  While there are other phrases that count towards Delphi, they only take the highest phrase, which is currently “Delphi Programming” so lets focus on that.

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Makes one wonder…should we throw one in a day into our Twitter feeds just for good measure? 🙂

It is all fine that now some more Delphi sites correctly get counted in this Tiobe index, but hopefully this progress is not just a “flash in the pan”, but rather that the rise is part of a stable growth. You better make sure that all the other Delphi sites listed on the Delphi Wiki “Useful sites” also are counted in.

In general what is needed for Delphi to continue growing its user base, is that we, the Delphi community, all write more documentation, video’s and application notes about programming in Delphi and makes it easy to find. This way a new-comer to Delphi can find what he need and hit the ground running.

Especially some articles for people who already know another programming language X, about how to get started with Delphi programming. What is the same in X and Delphi, what is different. Further, when you already have a lot of code written in X, how to make some modules/functionality in Delphi while reusing other parts already written in X. for the X please substitute it with any other programming language be that Python, C, VB, …

@John Koetsier
Codegear has a job “hiring” newsgroup/forum. I think that could be used.

Perhaps also try

What is the job? If it is related to embedded systems or PC control systems I might be interested. I am on Linkedin.

Greetings Richard Foersom

Hi Rif,

Thanks for the tip about Codegear’s hiring forum … I’ll check it out.

Meanwhile, for your information, the job posting is here:

That doesn’t really give a lot of details about what we do, but this is our main product:

Let me know if you’re interested, please contact me (see my blog, for contact details) or via the Craigslist posting.

Thanks, and have a great day.

@Rif: I agree. I think we are seeing both community organization of putting Delphi Programming on Delphi related pages, and a resurgence in people using Delphi. We are in the Delphi Renaissance. The releases are getting great new features, and are progressively more stable.

While the Borland -> CodeGear -> Embarcadero transition might seem a little painful on the outside, I think it has really benefited the product and user base on the whole.

A little over a year ago, I was starting to worry about the future of Delphi, and the company being stable.
I?m a lot less worried now than I was a year ago. Codegear has really started to step up for the Developers. I think the jump in Rank is mainly due to two things, The Free License given to Russian Education, and Delphi 2009 supporting Unicode. This is a good business plan focusing on a global use of Delphi. If Codegear wants to continue up the ranks of Delphi Lang it?s next focus should focus on universal compiling like the Lazarus Project They proven it can be done.

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