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9 – CodeRage 3 and Delphi Prism

The reason for this special edition is there has been some big news lately and I wanted to go straight to the source to get you the facts on what is going on as soon as possible.

I tracked down Anders Ohlsson and Christine Ellis of Developer Relations at Embarcadero CodeGear to get the facts on CodeRage 3, an upcoming physical conference and the elusive Delphi Prism.  We also discuss plans for a Delphi flash mob at the PDC Open Spaces.

Delphi Twitters at PDC

Post a comment if you will be at PDC and include your Twitter page if you have one.

I will be at CodeRage and PDC.  See you there!

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Note that it will take some time (weeks?) until Google updates their index to reflect the new Delphi Programming items added to your site(s), and then it may take some time before TIOBE picks it up, so don’t give up if the effect isn’t seen overnight.
And although I was second runner-up with Dr.Bob’s Delphi Programming Clinic, I’ll keep adding Delphi Programming to my other sites as well from now on 😉

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