Delphi Keeps Climbing

Last month Delphi was back in the top 10 for the TIOBE Programming Community Index for September. Well the numbers for October are out, and Delphi has kept on moving to position #9.  It bumped JavaScript.

I truly believe we are in the Delphi Renaissance.

The way the TIOBE Index works is it looks for the phrase “Delphi programming” in various searches.  Then compares the numbers for all the languages it indexes.  So be sure you say “Delphi programming” in your pages that are talking about Delphi, instead of some shorthand that doesn’t meet that search criteria.

That is why I have Delphi programming in my subtitle here.  Then I know it is on every page.

Call to Action

  1. Update your blog or web site to say “Delphi programming” on every page.
  2. Contact the authors of other Delphi blogs to remind them to do the same.
  3. Include the phrase Delphi programming in forum posts you might make.
  4. Contact people behind other Delphi related web sites and remind them to do the same.

Together we can take #8 in November! (And in the US you thought November was just about the presidential election!)

Update: If you update your site or blog to say “Delphi programming” on every page, leave a link here, and add a comment to your blog so others will see it and do the same.  If you look, C# is in number 8, and it wasn’t that long ago that Delphi was ahead of C#.

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18 Responses to Delphi Keeps Climbing

  1. Doesn’t this kind of behavior sort-of defeat the purpose of that analysis? 😉

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    Actually this behavior improves the purpose of that analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to find pages related to Delphi, and it does that by looking for the phrase “Delphi programming.” They made a social contract that pages related to Delphi say “Delphi programming.”

    So I am just suggesting that we follow that convention / contract and use “Delphi programming” so they get a more accurate measure. We are helping them find what they are looking for.

  3. Andrew says:

    Well, lets hope that our Delphi will be #1 🙂

  4. gabr says:

    The same idea crossed my mind when I read the latest TIOBE report today 🙂

    I just checked and my blog is not found if I search for “Delphi programming”. I had “… Delphi, programming …” in the description – just one itsby bitsy comma 🙂

    Should better now … when Google catches up.

  5. @ Daniel
    I think you misread Jim’s intentions. He wants us to make our NORMAL activity to be counted. He does not want us to go out there and generate fake traffic.
    I will go make sure my pages are all properly labeled.

    I guess that the page’s meta tags can also be used (<meta name=”Keywords” content=”Delphi programming, etc..”.

  6. Victor says:

    If you add the numbers for Delphi and Pascal, the combined position would rise 1 place, beating C#!

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  8. Kryvich says:

    Congratulations to Delphi and especially (Free?) Pascal communities. (+5 positions, wow!).

    I think, that popularity of Delphi has increased because of the release of the new Delphi 2009. But… will wait and see in a month.

  9. henrik carlsen says:

    Has anyone wondered why Java, C and C++ comes first? I don’t think it’s a good idea to put Delphi on top of the list. The reason these three top the list is that everyone needs help using them. Actually I’m a bit disappointed that Delphi makes the tenth place. But yes. VCL or .NET doesn’t matter, just keep’m coming, the new Delphi versions – I’ll be there with my boss’ credit card.

  10. Go Delphi, rise 1 place!!!

  11. Jim McKeeth says:

    Allen just updated his blog header to include Delphi Programming too. 450 excellent posts got added to the count!

  12. DaveK says:

    Noted in the October NewsFlash on the TIOBE Index page is:
    “Some languages such as Delphi have extreme low scores for Google blogs. This will be figured out a next time.”
    We may see a boost just in that.

    Additionally, coming up with an intelligible phrase the includes “Delphi programming” somehow eluded me until I came up with the idea to just add it to my sig defining my interest in Delphi.

    Delphi programming enthusiast.

  13. Done!



  14. Jim McKeeth says:

    @DaveK yes, hopefully we will get a boost from a few areas. Adding “Delphi programming” to our signatures is a great idea! We can add it to our bio too! I put it in my Stack Overflow bio and will see where else I can update it too!

    (See, I am user number 255! 256 would have been cooler, but I will take #255)

  15. John G says:

    Anyone write a WordPress plugin to replace every ‘Delphi’ with ‘Delphi Programming’ 😉

  16. Jim McKeeth says:

    @JohnG, that is a great idea!

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