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It is official, Delphi 2009 has been released to manufacturing, and some lucky individuals are actually receiving downloads.  I had a suspicion of this when I posted my podcast, but wanted to be sure.  Nick Hodges posted a Twitter that he was “Sitting in on our internal company launch call,” which made me suspect it was the Delphi launch, but then Dr. Bob posted that he was sending out ESD licenses to BeNeLux customers, and now Anders has posted that it in fact was RTM at 4 PM on Sunday.

Happy day!  Although I was expecting a press release or something really official looking like they did when they made it available for sale.

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No emails that I know of except the ones Dr. Bob sent over in BeNeLux. They might be staggering the releases to keep from melting down the servers.

I like the smell of melted silicon in the morning 🙂
Seriously, We deserve a little more consideration that what it is being displayed so far. After all, we gave them our hard earned cash in exchange for their products. And we got squat… I don’t like it.

I was told by my account manager that SA emails would be sent out on “approximately” Sept. 12.

Contrast the Codegear SA to MSDN and it looks quite poor. I have it for my RAD Studio Pro but I will think twice about renewing it if things dont drastically improve. If I have to wait weeks for physical media to be sent me I will be very annoyed.

Sadly its looking like it was for SA customers last time. Insted of getting product first they got it later than many new customers which is pretty outrageous when the money has been paided well in advance for it and for alot of the SA people had paided some years and got no new version atall !

If they are staggering the release SA people should be towards head of queue not at the Back. Thought this was supposed to new era under Embarcadero ? Its starting to look like more of the same.

C’mon. Don’t tell me that Embarcadero/Codegear didn’t know about this impending release. Perhaps it come as a surprise.

I, personally, would like to receive the product that I have paid in advance as soon as it is released. Be it via download or be it by means of physical shipment. All it takes is some decent planning and preparation.

And I know that I’m paying “less”. However I’m paying annually and betting that any future release will not be a repeat of Delphi 8

Wake up Embarcadero/Codegear!!!

Well downloaded D2009 + C Builder 2009 Trial Install while I wait for my SA fufilment to turn up and had several exceptions in first 30 minutes of use. As an example Rave reports crashes indicating an exception in rtl120.bpl.

@Derek Hadington:

I agree. Just found the cure – delete printers! In my case I deleted the fax and the ability to print to OneNote before I tried it again and then it was OK. I read on a forum that the Microsoft Image printer or Onenote was his key candidate and adding my knowledge, OneNote is the prime suspect.

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