4.1 – Julian Bucknall

Our guest today is Julian Bucknall, the Chief Technical Officer of DevExpress and the author Tomes of Delphi: Algorythms and Data Structures.  We will be talking about the new generic containers in Delphi 2009 and how to use them.

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3 Responses to 4.1 – Julian Bucknall

  1. While I really enjoyed the Barry Kelly interview I think this one was too trivial. Most people probably by now know what Generics are. And if you don’t know what a Stack or Queue is, maybe you are in the wrong business 🙂 I would be interested in how CodeGear implemented the Dictionary Class, as there is no common base-type that has a GetHashCode. Is there some compiler magic going on?

    Also I didn’t “wow” hearing that we can use value-types can be used as generic parameters. Come on…stuff like this has been standard in other languages for ages 😉

  2. David Novo says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I think a few new methods were added to the base TObject in D2009. ToString and HashCode were the two that stand out.

  3. Giel says:

    I actually did ?wow? hearing that value-types can be used as generic parameters!

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