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I actually wanted a “Built for Delphi” logo so I went to the official Delphi logos page.  I noticed they all still said “From Borland,” and that just won’t work anymore.  I realize the folks at CodeGear are busy getting Delphi 2009 finished up, so I figured I could update at least the Delphi logos. I also created a Built For Delphi button.  

I present the following updated logos for your downloading pleasure:


Or you can download a wide variety of sizes in a single zip file.  If the size you need isn’t in there, then you can resize it as needed.  (Note: I ran all of the images through PNG crush and maintained the rounded corner transparency.)

Keep in mind that these are not official logos.  Since they were provided with no significant restrictions I assume that includes derrivitive works and redistribution (similar to a Creative Commons).  Use them as you would the originals.  

Enjoy, and let me know if you want any other buttons.

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9 Responses to Updated Delphi Logos

  1. Steve M. says:

    Hi, I have the old “Built with Delphi for PHP” 125 width logos on my sites http://www.objecttree.com/about.php and http://www.willesdenherald.com/competition/welcome.php, and it would be good to have ones without Borland, if possible.

    By the way, the zip file link comes up error 404.

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    Thanks Steve. I fixed the 404. I had renamed the zip file when I added the “Built For” button.

    I’ll see if I can update the “Delphi for PHP” buttons too.


  3. I don’t quit get it – Why “Built for Delphi”? If you make a application I would think you build it with Delphi and not for?


  4. Lex Y. Li says:

    Hi Anders, if you want to promote your experts/components for Delphi IDE, you will find “Built for” icons quite necessary.

  5. Serge says:

    Just to add to the collection http://www.dragonsoft.us/delphi_art.php

    over 40 additional flavors of icons for CodeGear products

  6. Jim McKeeth says:

    I’ve updated the rest of the product line logos. Will post those soon.

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  8. Hok says:

    Where is the latest with Embarcado?

  9. Jim McKeeth says:

    I haven’t figured out how to squeeze Embarcadero onto those yet. I’ll see what I can do.

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