Definitive Delphi Twitter Directory

In a few of our podcasts we have discussed Twitter so I have created the Definitive Delphi Twitter Directory.  If you have JavaScript enabled then you will also get the last 5 twitters by each person on the page.

It currently only has a few people in there.  I tried to choose previous guests, but it is late and I know I missed people.  So let me know if you Twitter about Delphi Programming and I will add you to the directory.  Additionally if there someone who you follow who Twitter’s about Delphi Programming and I will add them to the list.

This uses a modified version of the JavaScript badge provided by Twitter via JSON.  If you know JavaScript and want to tweak the modified script to include photos and their bio let me know.  Just comment bellow and I will email you (leave your email in the field and only I will see it!)

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