The Many Faces of Delphi

Question for you:

Q: What do Delphi, Kylix, Object Pascal, Free Pascal, Chrome and Oxygene all have in common?

A: They all count towards Delphi’s score on the TIOBE index when you follow them by the word Programming!

I remember when the Delphi IDE used the Object Pascal Programming language, then it changed to the Delphi Programming Language.  After the DevCo broke off from Borland it was referred to as both.  But as far as TPCI (TIOBE Programming Community Index) is concerned, you can call it what you like, as long as you say Programming after it.

Noticably missing:

Soon to come:

And TCPI counts seperately:

I was looking at the grouping and exceptions list at the bottom of the TCPI Definition last night and was surprised at the size of the Delphi group.  I’ve already contacted them about adding Delphi for .NET.  Once Prism is actually announced, then we can get it added too.

A number of bloggers (Gabr, Allen and Malcolm to name a few) have already updated their templates to include Delphi programming on every page of their blog.  That is a great way to make sure your existing Delphi content is counted towards the index.  I am not suggesting we game the system, just that we help TCPI get an accurate count.

As Olaf Monien pointed out, there are a lot of sites with a lot of room for improvement: being one of them!  In addition to his great list, check out the following:

How does your site measure up?  Update your Delphi related blog or site to say Delphi programming on every page in visible text (update the template).  Stand up and be counted.  You can make a difference!

Once you have updated your site, contact authors of other sites and encourage them to do the same!

UPDATE: Is the TPCI relevant?  There are 12,900 hits in Google where people have refernced them, and an Alexa traffic rank of: 111,776. (Thanks RIF)