TIOBE: Delphi in top 10 again after strong comeback

The TIOBE prorgamming langauge index is reporting that Delphi programming is in the top 10 again in September after a strong comeback.  As always it is still a grade A rated language.  It is great to see it back in the top 10.  I guess that Embarcadero marketing is paying off.

What the TIOBE index does is look across all the search engines to find hits that reference different programming languages.  For ever page it finds that says “Delphi programming” it considers that page to be related to Delphi.  It then weights it all and provides a ranking.

Both the Delphi programming langauge and the Pascal programming language (which might include Object Pascal since they don’t filter that) jumped 4 places since September of 2007.  I would think they should combine Delphi and Object Pascal.  Not sure how much of a difference that would make.  Interestingly the detail page on Delphi says the lowest it has ever been (since 2001) was 12th place, but the main page says it was 14th last year.  One of the two is wrong.  I don’t recall Delphi being the 14th, so maybe I am reading it wrong now.

Hat tip to Esteban Pacheco for the lead.  I usually check TIOBE, but I guess I forgot to.

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2 Responses to TIOBE: Delphi in top 10 again after strong comeback

  1. Steve Summers says:

    The detail page doesn’t say the lowest rank it ever reached was 12th – it says the lowest rating it ever achieved was 0.725. When it was in 14th place last year, its rating must have been 1.225 (since its current rating is 3.055%, and that’s up 1.83% since last September.)

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    Am I reading this wrong then:

    Lowest Rating (since 2001): 0.725% (12th position, January 2004)

    Looks like it says when it was 0.725% was in January 2004 when it was in 12th position.

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