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4.1 – Julian Bucknall

Our guest today is Julian Bucknall, the Chief Technical Officer of DevExpress and the author Tomes of Delphi: Algorythms and Data Structures.  We will be talking about the new generic containers in Delphi 2009 and how to use them.

Winners of the SmartInspect giveaway announced.

Updated Delphi Logos

I actually wanted a “Built for Delphi” logo so I went to the official Delphi logos page.  I noticed they all still said “From Borland,” and that just won’t work anymore.  I realize the folks at CodeGear are busy getting Delphi 2009 finished up, so I figured I could update at least the Delphi logos. I also created a Built For Delphi button.  

I present the following updated logos for your downloading pleasure:


Or you can download a wide variety of sizes in a single zip file.  If the size you need isn’t in there, then you can resize it as needed.  (Note: I ran all of the images through PNG crush and maintained the rounded corner transparency.)

Keep in mind that these are not official logos.  Since they were provided with no significant restrictions I assume that includes derrivitive works and redistribution (similar to a Creative Commons).  Use them as you would the originals.  

Enjoy, and let me know if you want any other buttons.


The Worst Thing About Delphi

One year I was at BorCon and they were playing some old Turbo Pascal commercials and one I remember was this guy doing various odd tasts around his office (watering plants, etc.) and then we find out that he is waiting for his code to compile.  At the end of the commercial he gets a new copy of Turbo Pascal and his code compiles right away.  Now he isn’t able to get to all that busy work.  Bummer.

XKCD's "Compiling" comicAT&T had a similar commercial where they appoligized that their long distance calls went through so quick as a teen-age guy lost his nerve and was about to hang up when his old girl friend picked-up.

Anyway, I love XKCD, this comic being one of my favorites.  Although since I have been using Delphi for so long I guess I am spoiled.  Even huge projects still compile fairly quickly.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I just assumed everyone’s compiler was that quick.  This comic was a reminder that not everyone is as lucky as we are.  

I guess we need to come up with a new excuse for slacking off at work.  Oh, I know, “it’s all done!”

Speaking of all done, I wonder when Delphi 2009 will be all done and start shipping. . . .


TIOBE: Delphi in top 10 again after strong comeback

The TIOBE prorgamming langauge index is reporting that Delphi programming is in the top 10 again in September after a strong comeback.  As always it is still a grade A rated language.  It is great to see it back in the top 10.  I guess that Embarcadero marketing is paying off.

What the TIOBE index does is look across all the search engines to find hits that reference different programming languages.  For ever page it finds that says “Delphi programming” it considers that page to be related to Delphi.  It then weights it all and provides a ranking.

Both the Delphi programming langauge and the Pascal programming language (which might include Object Pascal since they don’t filter that) jumped 4 places since September of 2007.  I would think they should combine Delphi and Object Pascal.  Not sure how much of a difference that would make.  Interestingly the detail page on Delphi says the lowest it has ever been (since 2001) was 12th place, but the main page says it was 14th last year.  One of the two is wrong.  I don’t recall Delphi being the 14th, so maybe I am reading it wrong now.

Hat tip to Esteban Pacheco for the lead.  I usually check TIOBE, but I guess I forgot to.


Ideal Podcast Duration

Some of you may have noticed a poll on the left side bar on our home page.  These polls provide a great way for me to aggregate your feedback on how to improve the podcast.  When I first started this podcast my target duration was 15 miuntes to a half hour.  Then I started interviewing all these interesting people and my duration shot up to about 45 miuntes.  I actually edit the hour long interview down quite a bit, but they are still longer then I planned.  Maybe that is a good thing.  Let me know what you think.  How long would the ideal podcast be for you?

Preferred Delphi podcast duration?

  • Don't care, just keep them coming! (45%, 53 Votes)
  • 15 - 30 minutes (28%, 33 Votes)
  • 30 - 45 minutes (16%, 19 Votes)
  • < 15 minutes (8%, 9 Votes)
  • 1 hour (3%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 117

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Audio podCast

3 – Barry Kelly

In this episode we interview Barry Kelly who is one of the talented software engineers working on the Delphi compiler at Embarcadero’s CodeGear.  We will discusses native code garbage collectors, generics, Anonymous methods and more.


Now with Burning Feeds

I’ve been tracking my traffic and I am getting a pretty heafty amount of traffic on my feeds.  So I have setup 3 new FeedBurner feeds.  This should alleviate some of the server load, and also provide a lot of great support to the subscribers.  If you have any trouble or would like a new feed with the content sliced up differently, please let me know . . ..

If you are using one of the feeds then you should be redirected automatically (if everything worked correctly.)  If you are using the CyberEars feed, then you may want to switch to the Podcast only feed – it is the official feed, the one I will be maintaining.  I am still using CyberEars, but I might do things that don’t make it work exactly the way you are expecting (I like to tweak things!)

Again, if you experience any problems, or have suggestions please let me know!


Delphi Win32 and .NET Diverging

I was really expecting someone to pick this up from the podcast and mention it.  If you listen at about 15:56 in the podcast, we hear Nick say the following about the .NET Roadmap.

Historically one of our strong .NET stories has been close compatibility with the .NET and Win32 compilers.  But as we have evaluated that we have found that doing that is kind of holding both compilers back to a certain degree.  And that compatibility story not as compelling as it necessarily was.  And so what we are looking at instead is a solution that departs or sort of begins to diverge away from that compatibility story.  And starts heading more towards complete support for the .NET framework kind of thing.  And so you’ll be seeing more information about that in the coming weeks.

Does this strike anyone else as huge news, or are you all just more patient then I am in waiting for the .NET roadmap?

What do you all think?


BetaBlogging – Delphi 2009 Install Time

A few other bloggers have mentioned the install time being much faster, but I wanted to get a good measurement last night. In a fully patched XP SP3 VM with the prerequisites already installed (which does not include the .NET SDK), I started timing after finishing all the configuration.

Results: Just shy of 10 minutes.  I glanced away for a second right before it finished, so I don’t know the timing for sure.  I recorded a video though so I could verify it.  I’ll see about posting it later.

Keep in mind this is a beta, and subject to change, although I can hardly imagine the install getting slower in the release.  If anything it might get faster.  Well, unless the bundle more goodness with it.

The exclusion of the .NET SDK is great though.  Of course you can install it if you want it I guess.


Delphi 2009 Available for Order

We knew this day was coming, but it is still exciting it is here.  Nick Hodges has a nice collection of links for more information.  Be sure to check out his interview in the latest PodCast for even more details.