Delphi Win32 and .NET Diverging

I was really expecting someone to pick this up from the podcast and mention it.  If you listen at about 15:56 in the podcast, we hear Nick say the following about the .NET Roadmap.

Historically one of our strong .NET stories has been close compatibility with the .NET and Win32 compilers.  But as we have evaluated that we have found that doing that is kind of holding both compilers back to a certain degree.  And that compatibility story not as compelling as it necessarily was.  And so what we are looking at instead is a solution that departs or sort of begins to diverge away from that compatibility story.  And starts heading more towards complete support for the .NET framework kind of thing.  And so you’ll be seeing more information about that in the coming weeks.

Does this strike anyone else as huge news, or are you all just more patient then I am in waiting for the .NET roadmap?

What do you all think?

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9 Responses to Delphi Win32 and .NET Diverging

  1. David says:

    BTW This topic has come up before:

    All sounds intriguing

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    Those were my thoughts Well. Especially since the next question was if there were any plans to work with RemObjects or move to Visual Studio and instead of a denial there was a no comment (which isn’t a confirmation, but it isn’t a denial either).

    Thanks for the link David. I had forgotten that Michael Swindell had basically said all this before. It certainly sounds like it is coming to a head.

  3. Jolyon Smith says:

    I think this realisation has come to late for Delphi.NET – just in the nick of time for Delphi Win## though.


  4. Lars Fosdal says:

    The first time I saw RemObjects Object Pascal for .NET, I thought that THIS is how Delphi.NET should have been done from the start.

    Every time there is a change in platforms, we bend over backwards to try to create an easy migration path from the old to the new, ending up tossing that work after a few years. We should have learned by now that is more effective to refactor and reimplement when changing platforms, than clinging to the past.

  5. Embarcadero Insider says:

    Embarcadero, with a few pennies to spare (they got codegear really cheap), decided to buy RemObjects

  6. Xepol says:

    Maybe this means the foolishness that is will finally be dropped and might
    finally become a meaninful solution.

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