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43 – Simon Kissel

In episode 43 I have a nice conversation with Simon Kissel about his projects:

Thanks to Simon for his time and my apologies to him and everyone else that this took a while to post.

Update: The links were broken due to server issues.  They are working now.  Simon reported over 1000 downloads of CrossKylix since the update.

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42 – David I

Today we talk with David I, chief Developer Evangelist and VP of Developer Relations from Embarcadero Technologies.

We talk about

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41 – Primoz Gabrijelcic – OmniThreadLibrary

Primoz is a long time Delphi developer as well as writer for The Delphi Magazine, Monitor and Blaise Pascal magazines.  You may know him from his blog or his OmniThreadLibrary for threading in Delphi.  You can also find his articles at 17th Elephant and he is on Stack Overflow.

  • We discuss Delphi Mac support
  • Delphi Garbage Collection
  • 64-Bit Delphi
  • The OmniThreadLibrary
  • and more!
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40 – Nick Hodges – Part 1

This is part 1 of my interview with Nick Hodges, the Delphi R&D Manager with Embarcadero.  He was a good sport and answered all the questions, but I accidentally stopped recording part way through.  He has already agreed to a second half.

In this episode we talk about :

And more.

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39 – marc hoffman on Prism and Mac

Talking with marc hoffman of RemObjects talks with us about what is new in the Oxygene compiler in Delphi Prism and what to expect when developing applications on the Mac.

I remixed the audio to remove the 5 minute gap.

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38 – Marco & Cary

Visiting with Marco Cantu and Cary Jensen.

If you have any other questions or comments for Marco or Cary you can leave them here, or catch them online:

Marco Cantu

Cary Jensen

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37 – Michael Rozlog

Michael Rozlog, the Delphi Product Manager with Embarcadero Technologies, answers your tough questions.  Some of them are pretty tough ones too.  Recorded in mid-December.

Some of what we talked about:

It came in a bit longer then usual, but I have a hard time cutting content out when it is so good.  Thanks to Michael for his time and for answering our questions.

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36 – Žarko Gaji?

Today we have a great interview with Silver Helmet of Delphi Legends Community Award winner Žarko Gaji?Follow on Twitter from  Be sure to checkout his interview on Wings of Wind.

Some of the stuff we talk about:

  • Teaching developers new to Delphi.
  • Answering Delphi questions.
  • Delphi Best Practices.
  • The advantages of a free Delphi.
  • The move to Embarcadero.
  • And a lot more.

I really enjoyed this interview and Žarko is a great guy who does a lot for the community.

A couple points of news:

  • I actually interviewed Primož Gabrijel?i? previously, but unfortunately lost most of the audio.  So I will get with him an record it again.
  • I haven’t had any posts for a while because my database filled up with stats, which prevented adding new posts.  Thanks to Jamie Ingilby for his help troubleshooting it.  I reconfigured it to keep the stats size down.  Shouldn’t happen again.
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35 – Hadi Hariri

Today’s interview is with Hadi Hariri.

Hadi Hariri is Technical Lead at iMeta Technologies, an ISV specialized in developing complete IT solutions. His passions include software architecture and web development. Book author and frequent contributor to developer publications, Hadi speaks at both national and international conferences and user groups. He is based in Spain where he lives with his wife and two sons and runs the Malaga .NET User Group.  You can catch him on his blog or on Twitter.

We caught up with Hadi at the start of day 2 of SDC 2009.

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34 – Craig Stuntz

Today we are talking with Team-B member Craig Stuntz.  We are talking about a wide range of topics, including Entity Framework with Dephi Prism, Functional programming with Delphi Native, Attributes, RTTI and the future of programming languages.

Some of the other topics we talked about:

  • Dynamic typing
  • Dynamic method invocation
  • Attributes
  • The future of programming languages
  • Network aware development
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Unit Testing
  • REST

Also check out

Thanks Craig!