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40 – Nick Hodges – Part 1

This is part 1 of my interview with Nick Hodges, the Delphi R&D Manager with Embarcadero.  He was a good sport and answered all the questions, but I accidentally stopped recording part way through.  He has already agreed to a second half.

In this episode we talk about :

And more.

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Play along at home – take a drink every time Nick says that’s a question for Mike Rozlog.

@Richard: It took me a long time to accept that people have their role, do their job well and do not comment on this they are not responsible for or they cannot influence. I don’t think anything else is a lot better.

But I’ll never get used to it;-).


@Mike – I – along with most, I’d like to think – am very appreciative of the job that you and Nick do, along with the rest of the Embarcadero team. But I could tell from the questions posted that a lot of them weren’t going to be in Nick’s ballpark these days.

@Richard: Haven’t heard the podcast yet, but by your comment, it sounds like Jim’s going to have to get Mike back on the show 😉

Better still, since Nick is going to have to come back and record the second half of the podcast, why not invite Michael to join him and answer those questions that Nick couldn’t answer! Any chance of that?

Heads up… You encoded this audio at 48khz. It should be at 44.1khz, and therefore unlike your previous great shows, I can’t play this on my MP3 player. Aaargh…..

It’s unfortunate news that Nick is no longer working at Embarcadero. What happens now? Will there still be a part 2 to Nick’s interview. If so, the angle of the interview would be completely different since Nick’s views will no longer be representative of Embarcadero.
Any chance for a second interview?

I actually had a call with Nick scheduled like the day before he left Embarcadero, but due to some technical difficulties it didn’t happen. I’ve talked to him since, and we and planning to do another one. I will follow up with him again.

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