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36 – Žarko Gaji?

Today we have a great interview with Silver Helmet of Delphi Legends Community Award winner Žarko Gaji?Follow on Twitter from  Be sure to checkout his interview on Wings of Wind.

Some of the stuff we talk about:

  • Teaching developers new to Delphi.
  • Answering Delphi questions.
  • Delphi Best Practices.
  • The advantages of a free Delphi.
  • The move to Embarcadero.
  • And a lot more.

I really enjoyed this interview and Žarko is a great guy who does a lot for the community.

A couple points of news:

  • I actually interviewed Primož Gabrijel?i? previously, but unfortunately lost most of the audio.  So I will get with him an record it again.
  • I haven’t had any posts for a while because my database filled up with stats, which prevented adding new posts.  Thanks to Jamie Ingilby for his help troubleshooting it.  I reconfigured it to keep the stats size down.  Shouldn’t happen again.

9 replies on “36 – Žarko Gaji?”

Excellent interview with ?arko Jim. I’m at his site quite regularly and it was nice to hear the inner workings directly from the man behind the curtain. I’ve done a few of his coding contests myself and look forward to the challenges he puts forward. I did the tic-tac-toe contest as well, but as it was during a work cycle for me, by the time I got home and a chance to submit my entry I was out of time. I’m sure that ?arko accepted the entry anyway but, unlike you, I didn’t make it to the top of the list.

I come by quite often and listen to the interviews you do and find them quite interesting. This time I decided to take a minute and let you know … silly of me not to have in the past. Thanks for the service to the community you provide. Looking for ward to the next one whomever that may be.

A good interesting interview Jim! Skype clearly struggled with the audio a little on this one but it came out clearly enough in the end. P.S. If you could persuade people to stop visiting the then the size of your stats logs wouldn’t be a problem! 😉

Thank you very, very much. I got the feeling I was right in the kitchen of This is one of the sites that I visit every single day. I?ve learned incredibly much from this place. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced developer, this is the place to be. Keep up the good work, Zarko.

@TDelphiHobbyist Thanks for the comments. It is good to know the podcast is enjoyed.

@Jamie: Yeah, Skype works great most of the time. If you consider what it is actually doing it is really quite amazing.

@Lubomir: is a great resource. I really enjoyed talking with ?arko about it to.

Thanks a lot, Jim!

Are you planning to release a full archive of the podcasts, in a one archive file for our convenience?

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