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Upcoming Michael Rozlog Interview

I need your questions!

Michael Rozlog has agreed to an interview.  I am planning to discuss his roll as the Delphi Product Manager, the Delphi Survey, the Delphi Road Map and your questions from the comments on this post.  The interview is scheduled for Thursday, so I need your question before then.  Try to keep the question short and succinct.  If you have a bug report, please use QC.  If you have an issue in QC then please include the QC number.

If you would like to email me an audio question or use the Delphi Hot Line to submit a question you can do that too.  My email address is or call (361) 4Delphi.  You can also post your questions to a special user voice forum, which might be the best way so I can ask you questions back about your question.

UPDATE: Listen to the interview.

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Has Embarcadero been able to make contact with SAP about updating the Crystal Reports VCL controls since Delphi is now Unicode-enabled?

release of the official full 64-bit compiler (able to compile in 32-bit too) for win.

support for encryption/decryption plus zip/unzip password protected files for Delphi win.
thank you.

Great idea Jim (as usual)!
What about a CHEAP version of Delphi to increase the (future) user base?
Any plan to flood Colleges and Universities with Delphi? Grant money for teachers/professors to work with Delphi, scolarships for students?
My son is heading for college next year, he wants to do Software Engineering/Computer Science: he has never ever heard about Delphi except from me…

I agree with Fran?ois Gaillard & Mason Wheeler. Delphi needs a student license and appropriate price. I puchased Turbo Pascal 3.0 for $59.00 when I was in college. It got me started and I just purchased Delphi 2010.

I tried entering my question on but received a JS error that could not be found and it wouldn’t accept my question so here it is:

Live templates have been around since BDS2005 AFAIK and they are yet to be well documented and integrated with a scripting engine. If Embarcadero wants to concentrate on only what they can do, why write an OPF, when we need be better code navigation and templating support?

In the recent Delphi Survey, Section 15 “Purchasing/Upgrading”, the second question asked “Of the below possible future features, which of the ones would make the release that supported it a must have?”. Although several were high on my list of “wouldn’t it be nice if”, the one possible feature that excited me the most was ORM [Object Relational Mapping]. If, hypothetically, ORM ended up as the one feature *everyone* voted for and you were having a team meeting tomorrow to lay out the implementation of the new feature, can you give us the full elevator speech … we’re 135 floors below the Mezzanine [you lost big time in the parking pool] and we’re going to the penthouse [D2010 was a big hit], 386 floors above it. It’s a very slow hydraulic elevator, I’ve run my hands down the panels – we’re stopping at every floor … take your time 🙂

[Feel free to abridge as you see fit Jim 🙂 ]

+ 1 to Fran?ois Gaillard’s suggestion. If you can, really try to pin Michael down over the Turbo or Personal edition plans.

My question would be: The VCL has been improved with each new version of Delphi but we haven’t had any “revolutionary” developments in this area for a long time, Do Embarcadero foresee any innovations for the VCL coming up that they would classify as “disruptive” like this? (Cross platform efforts duly noted).

I can not imagine not asking Michael about Personal version of Delphi.
IMHO it shoud be topic nr. 1 which even deserves a separate discussion…

Will Delphi allow us to compile the same project so the output (deliverables) will run on both a Windows PC or Mac?

Is there going to be a Delphi Personal Edition ?
If yes: What price? Non-commercial or commercial license?

There must be a free/cheap Delphi version for Freeware developers and students. Why were the Turbo Delphis stopped?
When will we get a real roadmap with a time frame when we can expect the next Delphi release (with which features)?

Does Embarcadero plan to create one or more positions to liason with the open source community, work on open source projects and incorporate them into Rad Studio/Delphi after ensuring their robustness and level of documentation reaches a targeted threshold?

This is a great way to expand the coverage of the VCL. Delphi is lacking on a lot of enterprise features out of the box such as the ability to talk to the NT EventLog from outside a service application and exploit all it’s features, a richer service application framework that makes it easy to tie in a UI, and IOCP socket support to name a few. The Internet is a too important to rely on third party components like Indy without someone from Embarcadero ensuring it’s quality.

With many people still stuck with Delphi < 2007, and still not able to upgrade do D2010 specially due to Unicode changes, why Embarcadero is changing its upgrade policy, not allowing those people to buy new versios with upgrade prices starting in Jan/2010? To me, sound as a good way to incentive those people to stay stuck in the past, or maybe change to another language/IDE. Delphi is already very expensive, and you are not making the life of freelancers and small developers any easier doing this. Also, remember that moving from one version to another usually means spending a lot of money, not only with the IDE, but with all the commercial third party tools used.

Any idea when the edited interview with Michael Rozlog will be available as a Podcast?

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