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Have you signed up for Dropbox yet?  It is a service that makes it really easy to syncronize files between multiple computers, your iPhone and friends.  I am considering using their folder sharing as an alternative method to share out Delphi related materials, like maybe raw episodes of the podcast (before I edit them and add the music), or possibly trials, freebies, videos or other goodies!

Dropbox offers 2 GB free, but up to 100 GB for premium subscribers.  As a bonus, if you sign up via a referral, then you both get an additional 250 MB free.

So if you are interested in something like that, let me know, and sign-up for Dropbox.  If you do sign up via the link in this post, then we both get an additional250 MB of storage for free (more if you upgrade to a premium account).

I have some fun and exciting stuff planned to share out, and I would love to see what everyone else would be interested in sharing.  Of course we want to make sure if it isn’t your own creation you have permission to share it.

So either sign up via one of the links here, or if you have already signed up then let me know you want to be part of the network.

If you want to know some more cool thinks you can do with Dropbox, check out 15 Dropbox Hacks from Maximum PC.

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I am a Dropbox user already, but still would like to join.
let’s know how.


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