First Dropbox Post

As I am sure everyone knows, I interviewed Michael Rozlog, the Delphi Product Manager at Embarcadero Technologies last Thursday.  I just got a chance to sit down and start editing it, but for those of you who cannot wait, I’ll share the rough version out for preview.  My plan was to share it out via a Dropbox shared folder, but I am also going to share it via a DropBox public folder link.

I’ll keep the public folder link available until I post the final version of the episode.

For all of those who subscribed to DropBox via the link in the last post, it didn’t give me your email address, so I cannot add you to the public drop box.  If you want to have access to the Public Delphi DropBox going forward, then you need to leave a comment here using your email address.

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6 Responses to First Dropbox Post

  1. mwalker says:

    It would be nice, nice, nice… to hear interview 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    “It would be nice, nice, nice? to hear interview.” I agree. Please add me!

  3. Alin says:

    I enjoyed the interview. Good work.

  4. Bill Melvin says:

    Interested in seeing how this Dropbox experiment works out. As a programmer who fed his family by developing in Turbo Pascal back in the day, it’s fun to follow that heritage. I really appreciate the interviews with the Delphi folks and others striving to improve the craft.

  5. Gad D Lord says:

    I subscribed to dropbox due to you mentioning here. My email is
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. CodeWhiz says:

    Hi Jim, Dropbox is a great idea. Can’t imagine they’d bother you about bandwidth issues. I’d like to be added to the Public Delphi DropBox. Thanks. Scott

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