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39 – marc hoffman on Prism and Mac

Talking with marc hoffman of RemObjects talks with us about what is new in the Oxygene compiler in Delphi Prism and what to expect when developing applications on the Mac.

I remixed the audio to remove the 5 minute gap.

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About decompilation from IL to Oxygene: This is a hard (in scientific terms) problem. When the high-level code is compiled to any kind of assembler, most of the information of the high-level structure is lost. Regenerating this structure from the assembler is hard or impossible. True, you could generate an Oxygene program consisting mostly of assignments, comparisons and jumps, but that simply won’t be much help. Using a parser to extracts high-level logic from the C# code and translate it to Oxygene seems a much better approach to me.

I just spaced it wrong John. Plus it is nice music and I hate to talk over it all the time. 😉 I listened to it again, and you are right, that is extremely excessive. Not sure what I did there. Sometimes after I listen to it I accidentally move things around. I’m guessing I did that again. Sounds like everyone can just skip to 5:15 in.

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