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52 – Marco Cantu & Delphi XE4 for iOS

The big news for Today, April 22nd, 2013 is the release of RAD Studio XE4 which includes the new Delphi for iOS. I thought it would be fitting to talk with Marco Cantu, long time Delphi author and supporter who recently took over as the Delphi product manager.

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51 – Nick Hodges

Talking with Nick Hodges, former Delphi product manager, Spirit of Delphi award winner, development manager at Gateway Ticketing, and all around great guy. This was originally going to be part of a series of pre-release podcasts highlighting XE3, but that didn’t work out. Before talking with Nick I did a little coverage on XE3 and Oxygene 5.2, including the new Nougat flavor. I’ll have more coverage on XE3 and Oxygene 5.2 in future podcasts.

Nick and I discuss unit testing, development methodology, the Spring Framework and other interesting topics on Delphi development.

[Fixed the audio!]

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50 – Tables Turned

Simon J Stuart and Jamie Ingilby turn the tables on Jim McKeeth and interview him for this 50th episode.

This episode is our longest yet, but it was a lot of fun. Hopefully you will enjoy this candid episode where we discuss a wide range of topics.

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49 – Gad D Lord and MTG Studio

Gad D LordToday I am talking with Gad D Lord, creator of MTG Studio, a program for building and managing decks for Magic the Gather (a collectible card game). Gad is both a MicroISV with MTG Studio at PalmROOT, and a team leader for a software development team at a 400M company. He shares his thoughts on the popularity  and suitability for Delphi in both settings. He also compares Delphi to many other development tools and languages. Talks about what sets Delphi apart and helps it to stand out. Finally he shares his thoughts on what Delphi needs in the future.

MTG Studio

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48 – Pascal Game Development with Jason McMillen

Jason McMillen of In this much belated episode I talk with Jason McMillen of Pascal Game Development. We discuss the surprisingly vast world of Pascal Game Development with Delphi, Free Pascal, Oxygene and other Pascal and Object Pascal derivatives. You can find Jason “WILL” McMillen in the following places:

Jason has also provided us a list of Delphi / Pascal game engines and games developed with them. Some of these were mentioned in this episode.
Game libraries & engines

API Headers



Non-commercial / in development 

Notable sites

Again only a fraction much of the libraries and games have come and gone and there isn’t much of a reference to them on the Internet anymore.

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47 – Marco & Cary – Delphi Developer Days 2011

Talking with Marco & Cary about Delphi, it’s future and Delphi Developer Days 2011. I will be joining Marco and Cary in Huston for Delphi Developer Days. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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45 – Allen Bauer – Part 2 of 2

Talking with Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist with Embarcadero, working on Delphi and other RAD tools.

We discussed:

  • Delphi on the Mac
  • New platforms for Delphi
  • Investments in Delphi Team
  • New Cross Platform graphical widget library
  • Escaping the beige world
  • Decoupling UI from application logic
  • Good user interface design

This is the second part of episode 44 with Allen Bauer where we mostly discussed Delphi for 64-bit.

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44 – Allen Bauer – Part 1 of 2

Sitting down to talk with Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist at Embarcadero working on Delphi.  Talking with Allen about Delphi for Mac, 64-Bit Delphi and Delphi on other platforms.  This is part 1 of 2.

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Developer Solutions Conference – Las Vegas 2011

Another combined episode with RemObjects Radio (we will have our own episodes again soon).  In this episode I talk with marc hoffman, Olaf Monien and Daniel Magin about the upcoming Developer Solutions Conference in Las Vegas for this February 2011.  There is a discount code good through Christmas on the site.  This is a really exciting conference.  It is the first joint conference with RemObjects and Developer Experts.  We are re-inventing the conference to degree.  The idea with the Developer Solutions Conference is to have all the sessions tightly coupled for a specific objective.  The objective this time around is introducing developers to cross platform and mobile application development, specifically with multi-tier database applications.  It will be a great conference and I look forward to seeing you all there.

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Delphi Tage 2010

Recorded live and in person at Delphi Tage in Berlin (I’m still here for 2 more weeks for EKON too). The Delphi Tage (“Delphi Days”) was a short (3-day) conference organized by the German Delphi PRAXiS community forums, alongside Embacrdero and Developer Experts.  It provided two days of preconference workshops, and a day with 3 tracks of conference-style talks on various topics surrounding Delphi and Delphi Prism . Our podcast is basically a roundtable discussion with a bunch of people involved in the conference, including the organizers (Daniel Wolf and Daniel Magin), some RemObjects folks, David I from Embarcadero and Uwe Schuster (the guy behind the SVN integration in Delphi/Win32 XE) and Arvid Winkelsdorf of Indy fame.

Since this was so much fun, we decided to share this episode between here and RemObjects Radio.

Update: The organizers of the Delphi-Tage is the German Delphi community represented through Delphi-Praxis, Delphi-Treff and Entwickler-Ecke supported by Embarcadero Germany and Developer Experts.  — Thanks to Martin for clarifying that for me.