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49 – Gad D Lord and MTG Studio

Gad D LordToday I am talking with Gad D Lord, creator of MTG Studio, a program for building and managing decks for Magic the Gather (a collectible card game). Gad is both a MicroISV with MTG Studio at PalmROOT, and a team leader for a software development team at a 400M company. He shares his thoughts on the popularity  and suitability for Delphi in both settings. He also compares Delphi to many other development tools and languages. Talks about what sets Delphi apart and helps it to stand out. Finally he shares his thoughts on what Delphi needs in the future.

MTG Studio

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A man with Knowledge, Experience and Insight. Much appreciated. (And he also has a lot of Sense which he shows by appreciating OmniThreadLibrary. 😉 )

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