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48 – Pascal Game Development with Jason McMillen

Jason McMillen of In this much belated episode I talk with Jason McMillen of Pascal Game Development. We discuss the surprisingly vast world of Pascal Game Development with Delphi, Free Pascal, Oxygene and other Pascal and Object Pascal derivatives. You can find Jason “WILL” McMillen in the following places:

Jason has also provided us a list of Delphi / Pascal game engines and games developed with them. Some of these were mentioned in this episode.
Game libraries & engines

API Headers



Non-commercial / in development 

Notable sites

Again only a fraction much of the libraries and games have come and gone and there isn’t much of a reference to them on the Internet anymore.

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Good interview, though I don’t agree that ordinary game developers have no need for database functionality. Sure, it’s overkill for very simple games, but if you get into anything even moderately complex where you need to keep track of a lot of data (levels and terrain, monster stats, items/powerups, etc,) you just can’t beat a relational database, especially during early development when you’re changing your format all the time.

When I switched from binary flat files to a Firebird database for the TURBU project, my data retrieval got a lot faster, my data saving got a lot simpler, changing my data formats became much simpler, (no lengthy conversion process each time I change an object definition; just ALTER TABLE and you’re done,) and a few simple referential integrity and primary key constraints uncovered a lot of previously-unknown bugs in my code.

Great interview! I love all of it. I would like to point out that SushiQuest was developed in a custom engine. The developer made his own engine which he may be licensing as a commercial engine when it is more complete. However I am not sure if he is going to. Just wanted to point that out, I think his first version of the engine is OpenSource LEAF2?

Glad you guys enjoyed the interview. It was a lot of fun to do, only wished we had more time. 🙂

Yes, I did make the mistake on the origin of the Sushi Quest engine. It was not the CAST II engine, but instead the LEAF2 engine that it was based off of. Some many more libraries with so little time to list them all. The links above are only a fraction of whats actually out there.

Great interview, had fun listening to it!

BTW, there is a mistake in the URL of “Free Pascal meets SDL” in the link list. It should be .net instead of .com. Maybe it could be corrected. Thanks.

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