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Delphi Tage 2010

Recorded live and in person at Delphi Tage in Berlin (I’m still here for 2 more weeks for EKON too). The Delphi Tage (“Delphi Days”) was a short (3-day) conference organized by the German Delphi PRAXiS community forums, alongside Embacrdero and Developer Experts.  It provided two days of preconference workshops, and a day with 3 tracks of conference-style talks on various topics surrounding Delphi and Delphi Prism . Our podcast is basically a roundtable discussion with a bunch of people involved in the conference, including the organizers (Daniel Wolf and Daniel Magin), some RemObjects folks, David I from Embarcadero and Uwe Schuster (the guy behind the SVN integration in Delphi/Win32 XE) and Arvid Winkelsdorf of Indy fame.

Since this was so much fun, we decided to share this episode between here and RemObjects Radio.

Update: The organizers of the Delphi-Tage is the German Delphi community represented through Delphi-Praxis, Delphi-Treff and Entwickler-Ecke supported by Embarcadero Germany and Developer Experts.  — Thanks to Martin for clarifying that for me.