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MVP of the Week: Robert Love

Robert LoveThis week we are highlighting the work of Robert Love, MVP. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert around the release of Delphi 6. A coworker and I drove from Boise, Idaho down to Salt Lake City, Utah for the launch event (since there wasn’t one in Boise that year). Robert Love runs the Salt Lake Delphi Users Group, and they scheduled a User Group meeting the night of the launch event, so we stayed for that too.

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Robert Love's Team Members - State of Utah
Robert Love’s Team Members at the State of Utah

He leads a team of Delphi developers that work for the state of Utah.

Some components they use there:

He is a top 4% contributor on Stack Overflow, having earned the silver Delphi badge. He also contributes to open source Delphi libraries (DunitX, Abbrevia, etc.), speaks at conferences and is a regular presenter for CodeRage.

At home he is in the middle of remodeling his house and working with his kids to add Arduinos and Raspberry Pi to automate everything. When he isn’t programming, Robert competes in competitive dutch oven competitions and volunteers for Boy Scouts of America. He is also an accomplished photographer.

Robert is also working on a replacement for the Component Development Kit that he is planning to make available via open source. I am really looking forward to this IDE add-in. For those that don’t remember, Component Development Kit was an IDE add-in by EagleSoftware back in the Delphi 6 days that walked you through the creation of components. It took Delphi’s simple component development process and made it really powerful.

Robert Love taking pictures at Dutch Oven Event
Robert Love taking pictures at Dutch Oven Event
Robert Love in mountains over house
Robert Love in mountains over his house
Robert Love's Daughter's First Electronics Project
Robert Love’s daughter’s first electronics project
Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls - Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls – Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Chicken - Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Chicken – Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Rolls - Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Rolls – Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Cake - Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)
Dutch Oven Cake – Photograph by Robert Love (prepared by someone else)


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Podcast Episode 60 – Victory Fernandes

In this episode I talk with Embarcadero MVP Victory Fernandes from Salvador, Brazil. While Victory is from Brazil, he also speaks fluent English.

Victory Fernandes

Victory talks about:

Most all of Victory’s projects are powered by Delphi and InterBase with emphasis on embedded and real-time application development.

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Conversation with Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist

Allen BauerIn this special episode we talk with Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist here at Embarcadero Technologies. This month is the 7 year anniversary of the Podcast at, and today is Allen’s birthday. This conversation was recorded during Delphi Week, a celebration of Delphi’s birthday back in February.

We talk about what Allen does as a Chief Scientist as well as some of his side projects. We also discuss some of the new platforms we face today as developers and the challenges and likelihood of Delphi targeting them. Finally some discussion about features Allen would like to see added to Delphi in the future.

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An Interview with Ray Konopka

Ray KonopkaIn this episode we talked to Ray Konopka during Delphi Week. Topics include the upcoming Delphi Developer Days, some of his work for DisneyRaize Software, including his new Radiant Shapes, Windows 10 and HoloLense (even though I wish they would rename it).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Delphi Developer Days in Chicago, but if you can’t meet me there, they have some other locations too.


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Brian Alexakis and Virtual Reality

IBrian Alexakisn this episode I talk with Brian Alexakis about his role and what exactly it means to be a Knowledge Marketer. We also talk about the similarities between FireMonkey and some web development tools, and discuss virtual reality and what it holds in store for our near future. You can follow Brian Alexakis and his tutorials and C++ examples on or on Twitter as @IoTBrian.

Here are some links that Brian mentioned during the podcast:

A few items of recent news:

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Interview with Darren Kosinski

Talking with Darren Kosinski from the Embarcadero R&D team and his role in the FireMonkey platform. Also a brief introduction to the Parallel Programming Library, and Delphi Week 2015 (Feb 9th – 13th).

Darren Kosinski

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Episode #55 – Interview with JT

An interview with John Thomas “JT”, Senior Director of Product Management over RAD Studio and Delphi with Embarcadero Technologies.This episode was recorded almost a year and a half ago, right after the XE5 release added Android support, but is still a relevant conversation today.

It is 2 weeks from our last episode, so we are going to try and keep it at an episode every 2 weeks for now and see how that goes. Also we are moving to Soundcloud for audio hosting.

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Episode 54 – Sarina DuPont

Welcome back to the Podcast at This is my first podcast since I’ve started working for Embarcadero Technologies back in 2013. When I first started I’d planned to resurrect the podcast, but got caught up with all the new projects, travel and excitement and it fell by the wayside.

With the New Year it seems fitting to recommit to the podcast. I’ve got a lot of changes planned. I’m not sure about the frequency format and other details, but figure it is better to get a rolling start.

I actually recorded this interview with Sarina DuPont (@SarinaDuPont) back in August of 2013, right before the RAD Studio XE5 release added Android support. So some of the comments are dated in that regard, but most of it is still relevant. So while XE5, XE6 and XE7 have all shipped since the podcast, Sarina is still a product manager and the focus of getting to know her and her vision for RAD Studio is still relevant.


Typically I am in the Scotts Valley office about one week a month. My plan is to start recording some interviews when I am there. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people behind the scenes with my favorite development tools, and hope you will too.

In the next episode I’ll have an interview with John Thomas (@FireMonkeyPM), or JT, the Senior Director of Product Management here at Embarcadero Technologies.

Oh, and check out the new Embarcadero Community Podcast by David I.

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Also on the Tablet Show

As an interesting turn of events I was interviewed on The Tablet Show a couple weeks ago. The Tablet Show is all about developing for tablet devices, and is by the same people who make .NET Rocks. The show is live today as episode 94. This show was recorded when I was still a Delphi MVP, before I was an Embarcadero Employee, but after I had accepted the position.

In this episode I am interviewed about Tablet Development Using Delphi and FireMonkey. It was a lot of fun and hopefully informative. Thanks to Carl and Richard for the interview.

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53 – Subject 33 & Android Game Development

Taking with Jason McMillen & Paul Nicholls of Pascal Game Development talking about Subject 33 and Android game development. Subject 33 is being developed with RemObjects Software’s Oxygene for Java and they are specifically targeting the new Ouya platform as well as Android in general.