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Episode 54 – Sarina DuPont

Welcome back to the Podcast at This is my first podcast since I’ve started working for Embarcadero Technologies back in 2013. When I first started I’d planned to resurrect the podcast, but got caught up with all the new projects, travel and excitement and it fell by the wayside.

With the New Year it seems fitting to recommit to the podcast. I’ve got a lot of changes planned. I’m not sure about the frequency format and other details, but figure it is better to get a rolling start.

I actually recorded this interview with Sarina DuPont (@SarinaDuPont) back in August of 2013, right before the RAD Studio XE5 release added Android support. So some of the comments are dated in that regard, but most of it is still relevant. So while XE5, XE6 and XE7 have all shipped since the podcast, Sarina is still a product manager and the focus of getting to know her and her vision for RAD Studio is still relevant.


Typically I am in the Scotts Valley office about one week a month. My plan is to start recording some interviews when I am there. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people behind the scenes with my favorite development tools, and hope you will too.

In the next episode I’ll have an interview with John Thomas (@FireMonkeyPM), or JT, the Senior Director of Product Management here at Embarcadero Technologies.

Oh, and check out the new Embarcadero Community Podcast by David I.

5 replies on “Episode 54 – Sarina DuPont”

Great news – glad to know the podcasts are returning! I especially like the idea of talking to internal employees, who are key but not very externally visible.

Would it be possible to add transcriptions to the published podcasts? I ask because listening to a podcast for an hour (say) is much much slower, at an hour, than reading the same material. Listening at the same time as working is only possible (for me) if the work doesn’t require much thought, which is rare 😉 It’s also not searchable by search engines or easily referred to if someone wants to quote or post a link to a specific section.

I would be really interested from hearing back from Piere “FastMM”. He is doing some awesome work for the community and definitely a guy who has stuff to share. That might answer the ultimate question about FastMM5, multithreaded memory manager support with scalability at hand.

Thank you for your continuous effort.

Thanks for this, Jim. Sarina’s answers to my questions in the community site have gotten my project back on track more than once. It was wonderful to listen to her thinking about the whole approach to one code base across so many devices.

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