53 – Subject 33 & Android Game Development

Taking with Jason McMillen & Paul Nicholls of Pascal Game Development talking about Subject 33 and Android game development. Subject 33 is being developed with RemObjects Software’s Oxygene for Java and they are specifically targeting the new Ouya platform as well as Android in general.

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  1. Awesome! 🙂

    It’s funny to see what predictions I made and how it actually turned out. We all have our OUYAs now and Subject 33: Arcade Edition is now going to be an OUYA exclusive at launch and we are still working towards a release sometime this year. No set dates any more!

    There is increased talk about a new PGD Challenge mini Jam coming up soon!

  2. Also we ended up hiring Leonard Robel to do art. He worked for LucasArts on Star Wars games like Rebel Assault and Dark Forces.

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