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Podcast Episode 60 – Victory Fernandes

In this episode I talk with Embarcadero MVP Victory Fernandes from Salvador, Brazil. While Victory is from Brazil, he also speaks fluent English.

Victory Fernandes

Victory talks about:

Most all of Victory’s projects are powered by Delphi and InterBase with emphasis on embedded and real-time application development.

One reply on “Podcast Episode 60 – Victory Fernandes”

Thank you for the opportunity Jim!

Brazil is a huge market with thousands of great developers but most people and companies abroad are not aware of the work we do and the commercial opportunities available here… We have the biggest Delphi event around the world gathering 600+ attendees every year at the Embarcadero Conference in São Paulo and if you wants to know more about Brazil+Delphi it you can follow my blog (written in English) or email me at any time!

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