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37 – Michael Rozlog

Michael Rozlog, the Delphi Product Manager with Embarcadero Technologies, answers your tough questions.  Some of them are pretty tough ones too.  Recorded in mid-December.

Some of what we talked about:

It came in a bit longer then usual, but I have a hard time cutting content out when it is so good.  Thanks to Michael for his time and for answering our questions.

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Hello, Mr.McKeeth! Thank you for podcast. And for the plan of it too. Haven’t heard before and didn’t catch on previous listening about project Fulcrum. Has anybody seen this thing? What is the progress on it? How does it looks like?
Anyway, thanks to you, Jim, and persons you interview!
P.S. The link to Delphi application showcase doesn’t seem to be live right now.

Thanks for the kind words @IL. I fixed the link for the application showcase. Thanks for pointing that out.

In regards to Fulcrum, they had a brief preview at DelphiLive last year, it was just a command line application running on a Mac. There is a video you can see of that:

As far as seeing it today, anyone in the beta test would be under NDA that prevents them from even acknowledging they are in the beta. Until they change that, then you won’t hear much more about this then Michael has shared here. There may be some glimpses of it at DelphiLive! though.

Terrific podcast. Your best yet. Mike was a good guest, very chatty and articulate and most of his answers were interesting and encouraging. Thanks both.

Pretty enjoyable and informative except for one pretty significant thing:

How on earth could you two just skip over the entire 64bit issue like that?! Sure cross-platform would be pretty cool and all but in the end it’s still just a nice-to-have thing that I might or might not build some shiny new thing with at some point in the indefinite future. 64bit on the other hand, drab as it might be to implement, for a lot of developers is of the omg-we’ve-got-to-have-this-this-year-or-we’ll-go-out-of-business class of importance…

The only explanation I could come up with for why not more people voted for 64bit is that far too many people still think 64bit is just about using a lot of memory and handling large numbers. THIS is where education is needed! I’m still surprised at seeing the shocked faces when telling people that they can’t load 32bit DLLs into 64bit host processes like explorer.exe or Office apps…

If you’re in the business of creating extensions or addons for third-party software (many of which already exist in 64bit versions) then compiling to 64bit is simply something that does not involve any choices…

Anyway, keep these casts coming!

@David: I certainly got the impression Delphi for 64-bit Windows was coming, but just not as fast as some might want!

@Oliver: I understand what you are saying, and I know a lot of people would rather have 64-bit before multi-platform. I just didn’t feel like my pressing him on the subject was going to do anything beyond take up more time in the podcast. I wasn’t going to change the plan, and I thought he adequately explained why the decision was made. Thanks for the feedback though, and you may be right that people don’t understand the importance of 64-bit.

@Alister: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. When are you going to update CodeGearGuru?

@Jim: It’s definitely on my todo list – I’ve had many requests for various things – in particular a merge sort video. I’ve felt a bit under motivated and have just shifted house (only a few more rooms to paint)

Jim, Great interview.

I think you need to get him on once a quarter.
Doesn’t have be be this long every time.
Just a quick update every quarter would be
better than a longer interview once a year.

Also, I still don’t see the roadmap. Is it
still in the internal review phase he mentioned?
Or am I just missing it?


Alternately, if you could alternate Nick and Michael, that would be good too. But we need to get a flow so you can hold them accountable for the things they said last time. 8: -)


Just found out about the existance of these PodCasts on this website, while browsing on my brand new Palm Pre webOS phone! Very nice podcast! Thanks Jim! I subscribed immediately. Nice Delphi information/chats!

Absolutely loved this podcast! The focus on development in Windows, but deploy anywhere is going to be such an advantage for Delphi. We’re a Linux shop, so this is of huge importance to us. Was surprised regarding Mr. Rozlog’s statement about the number of graduates from Ohio State in Computer Science. I suspect when the US started shipping all those programmer gigs to India, it didn’t provide much of an incentive for new students to take up CS as a career path. Oh well, hopefully more work for us locals in the tools we want to use! Keep up the great work, Jim. Its really appreciated.

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