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Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 6

David I. Showing Delphi Prism running in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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David Intersimone, Vice President of Developer Relations
Embarcadero Technologies

Showing Delphi Prism running in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Delphi Live! 2009
May 2009

Part 6 of 8

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[Part 5] – [Part 7]

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Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 5

Anders Ohlsson shows of his Delphi parsing tool to aid in the migration to Unicode support with Delphi 2009.

Embarcadero Technologies

DelphiLive! 2009
May 2009 in San Jose

Part 5 of 8.




[Part 4] – [Part 6] (Coming soon!)

BTW, I have family visiting from out of state, so have been a little busy to upload these videos as fast as I would like.  They will keep coming though.

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Delphi Live! 2009 – What is Cooking in the Delphi Labs – Part 1

Nick Hodges, Delphi R & D Manager with Embarcadero
Introduction and Disclaimer
DelphiLive! 2009
May 2009 in San Jose

[Part 2]

I’ll upload a video segment or two every day or so. I have the project address, the touch demo, Funside of Delphi, and a few other sessions.

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15 – Julian Bucknall on DevExpress

I got a chance to sit down with Julian Bucknall, the CTO of DevExpress at PDC2008 to talk about using DevExpress’ .NET products with CodeGear‘s Delphi Prism from Embarcadero Technology.

Specifically we talk about the return of CodeRush to Delphi.

The microphone picked up all the background noise, which makes it a little hard to understand us, so I added captions.

Watch online:


File Downloads:

[Transcript 90% done]

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PDC Exhibit Floor

I recorded a few videos at PDC 2008.  This one is a walk through of the exhibit floor.  I didn’t want to post all the videos at once, but I must admit I am posting them slower then I expected.  A lot of that has to do with preparing for CodeRage.

I this video I walk through the Exhibit Floor and show off a few of the vendors.  It is 9:48 long.  Again it is available in your choice of formats.  Let me know in the comments which is your favorite, or if there is one you really need to have (not just that you think is cool).

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Episode 13 – Allen Bauer live at PDC2008

This was recorded live at PDC2008.  You are getting it unedited and raw, but in your choice of formats: Audio or Video!

  • Talking about Delphi 2009 and Delphi Prism.
  • Discuss language compatibility going forward between the two languages.
  • Allen’s role in developing Delphi.
  • What is new with Embarcadero.
  • The future of .NET and Win32
  • Windows Azure
  • Multicore technology
  • Touch, Multitouch, Surface and Windows 7, and PDC2008!

Allen Bauer is the Chief Scientist working on Delphi for Embarcadero’s CodeGear.  You can read his blog at the Oracle at Delphi and follow him on Twitter.

Whatever format you get, it is 10:49 long.

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Screencast 4 – Delphi Prism WPF – Hello World

Another screen cast for Delphi Prism, this one is a WPF for Hello World.  Same as the WinForms, but WPF.  No naration this time.  2 minutes and 11 seconds.

Didn’t think I would get any more done at PDC, but I found some time . . . .

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Screencast 3 – Delphi Prism first look

I recorded a quick first look at Delphi Prism in Visual Studio 2008.  Just a short overview of only 3:24 seconds to create a Hello World video.  This was recorded live while sitting in the hall at PDC2008.

More to come!  Let me know what you think and what you would like to see.

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Intro to Generic Collections with Delphi 2009

A very short introduction to Generic Collections in Delphi 2009. Create a TList of Integers and show adding and removing items from it. Showing some of the differences in types, gotchas and errors you might get.

Generics, or parametrized types, are a type that works with another type that is defined later. Collections are a great example of using them. You create a generic TList, and then when you use it you declare what type it will contain. Then it will be strongly typed to that specific type, both in adding items and removing them.

Delphi Generics work with all types in Delphi: native types (Integer, string, etc.), Records, Objects and Interfaces.

This is screen cast episode 2, shot with Camtasia and hosted on Vimeo.  I had to shoot it at 1280×720 so they will offer it in HD and not downscale it.  Let me know how it works for everyone.

As was pointed out in the comments, the download link only works after you sign into Vimeo.  If that doesn’t work for people let me know and I will come up with a different solution.

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ScreenCast 1 – Adding an Explore Tool

This is basically an experiment with the new Jing tool from TechSmith and creating a screen cast with Delphi 2009. Just so you know up front, there is no editing, so you are getting the raw screen cast (although I did a few takes) so it isn’t as polished as my usual podcast.

You can download the SWF file or use the link above to view it online.  It is really small (5.64 MB) and should stream quickly.  Like I said, this is an experiment, so I would really like your feedback on the process so I can tune future screen casts better.


[Update: I took off the enclosure.  I don’t think most video players can handle the SWF file anyway.]