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ScreenCast 1 – Adding an Explore Tool

This is basically an experiment with the new Jing tool from TechSmith and creating a screen cast with Delphi 2009. Just so you know up front, there is no editing, so you are getting the raw screen cast (although I did a few takes) so it isn’t as polished as my usual podcast.

You can download the SWF file or use the link above to view it online.  It is really small (5.64 MB) and should stream quickly.  Like I said, this is an experiment, so I would really like your feedback on the process so I can tune future screen casts better.


[Update: I took off the enclosure.  I don’t think most video players can handle the SWF file anyway.]

10 replies on “ScreenCast 1 – Adding an Explore Tool”

Might just be me, but after a large download, all I got was the picture and a lot of talking.

I use Jeremy North’s explore here wizard for 2007 myself, but still an interesting tip.

Am I the only one who has gone more than decade without touching tools|Configure Tools… for anything?

This is the only thing I have used tools|Configure Tools for in about that long.

You might have better luck playing it online instead of downloading it. Thanks for the feedback though. I’ll try converting it to other formats. The SWF seemed to the smallest.

Hello Jim!
Great first test! I couldn’t figure out how you managed it to swap with Jing from a static image to the application. But it made me testing a bit more with this cool tool.

Thanks Jim for a successful first test, although it only played online. I guess my Zune player doesn’t support flash… yet.

Nice Jing-cast and a handy tip too. I maintain a desktop folder for each of my project just for this purpose and now I am kicking myself that a simpler solution was at hand all this time. Keep em coming 🙂

Ok, animation works on line – there is, however, a long loading delay in IE8b2. After clicking the play button, the screen goes white and appears to sit idle before the video eventually comes back and starts playing. I just wasn’t patient enough earlier. In fact, the first time this time I sat for a while and it came up just as I clicked the back button assuming it had failed online again.

Thanks, and waiting for the next screencasts! 🙂

However, the explore tool did not work as advertised on my XP – it just opened the desktop folder.

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