15 – Julian Bucknall on DevExpress

I got a chance to sit down with Julian Bucknall, the CTO of DevExpress at PDC2008 to talk about using DevExpress’ .NET products with CodeGear‘s Delphi Prism from Embarcadero Technology.

Specifically we talk about the return of CodeRush to Delphi.

The microphone picked up all the background noise, which makes it a little hard to understand us, so I added captions.

Watch online:


File Downloads:

[Transcript 90% done]

  1. I didn’t need to read the captions. The work you did with the audio did the job!

    Thanks for your work, Jim. Much appreciated.

  2. Kyle A. Miller

    DevExpress, an innovative and quality company. I’m not an employee, just a happy customer. :-)

  3. DXperience and Delphi Prism - ctodx - pingback on 19-Nov-2008 at 11:04 am
  4. Masaki Kobayasi

    The caption is very helpful.
    Thank you.

  5. Julian posted a follow up to this:


    “The story is that we shall be supporting Delphi Prism with DXperience and we’re evaluating what we need to do to make that work. As it happens: not very much — it installs just fine and, on first blush, seems to work just fine. There are more exhaustive tests to complete, obviously.”

    He will also be covering it in detail at CodeRage III!

  6. Very good interview. Happy to hear that Delphi will be making a return and that it should feature Coderush and RefactorPro goodness.

    BTW audio was fine. I agree… You did a great job clearing it up.

  7. Glad everyone enjoyed the interview. Makes it worth the effort. Julian is a great sport and I really appreciate his time. DevExpress continues to make some of the best components, frameworks and tools for developers. It is a great time to be a Delphi Developer! This is truly the Delphi Renaissance!

  8. Dev Express is on a good track ..
    Delphi Prism not!

    Eaasier to go directly to C# dotNet in Visual Studio with Dev Express
    than to go through ANOTHER Delphi transition phase ..

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