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Now with Burning Feeds

I’ve been tracking my traffic and I am getting a pretty heafty amount of traffic on my feeds.  So I have setup 3 new FeedBurner feeds.  This should alleviate some of the server load, and also provide a lot of great support to the subscribers.  If you have any trouble or would like a new feed with the content sliced up differently, please let me know . . ..

If you are using one of the feeds then you should be redirected automatically (if everything worked correctly.)  If you are using the CyberEars feed, then you may want to switch to the Podcast only feed – it is the official feed, the one I will be maintaining.  I am still using CyberEars, but I might do things that don’t make it work exactly the way you are expecting (I like to tweak things!)

Again, if you experience any problems, or have suggestions please let me know!

Delphi Win32 and .NET Diverging

I was really expecting someone to pick this up from the podcast and mention it.  If you listen at about 15:56 in the podcast, we hear Nick say the following about the .NET Roadmap.

Historically one of our strong .NET stories has been close compatibility with the .NET and Win32 compilers.  But as we have evaluated that we have found that doing that is kind of holding both compilers back to a certain degree.  And that compatibility story not as compelling as it necessarily was.  And so what we are looking at instead is a solution that departs or sort of begins to diverge away from that compatibility story.  And starts heading more towards complete support for the .NET framework kind of thing.  And so you’ll be seeing more information about that in the coming weeks.

Does this strike anyone else as huge news, or are you all just more patient then I am in waiting for the .NET roadmap?

What do you all think?

BetaBlogging – Delphi 2009 Install Time

A few other bloggers have mentioned the install time being much faster, but I wanted to get a good measurement last night. In a fully patched XP SP3 VM with the prerequisites already installed (which does not include the .NET SDK), I started timing after finishing all the configuration.

Results: Just shy of 10 minutes.  I glanced away for a second right before it finished, so I don’t know the timing for sure.  I recorded a video though so I could verify it.  I’ll see about posting it later.

Keep in mind this is a beta, and subject to change, although I can hardly imagine the install getting slower in the release.  If anything it might get faster.  Well, unless the bundle more goodness with it.

The exclusion of the .NET SDK is great though.  Of course you can install it if you want it I guess.

Delphi 2009 Available for Order

We knew this day was coming, but it is still exciting it is here.  Nick Hodges has a nice collection of links for more information.  Be sure to check out his interview in the latest PodCast for even more details.

SmartInspect GiveAway

As I mentioned in the podcast, Gurock Software is donating a free copy of their SmartInspect tracing and debugging application for one lucky listener. If you are interested in winning a copy then download the 30-day trial of Smart Inspect version 3.0. Test it out and then send me your short review and comments. I’ll share those comments in a future podcast and announce the winner then. Please post your entries as comments here, or if you would like to submit a short audio clip, you can email it to All entries must be received by Thursday, September 4st, 2008.

2 – Nick Hodges

This very special episode features an interview with Nick Hodges, the Delphi Product Manager for Embarcadero‘s CodeGear.  A lot of great information and news on the changes with CodeGear and Delphi 2009.  This one is a little bit longer at 38:46 with all that we covered in our interview.  You will probably find it just flys by though.

Also check out our sponsors: Smart Inspect and Beyond Compare, both with new versions 3.0.  Beyond Compare has a 25% discount code for listeners to the podcast, good through the end of August, and Smart Inspect has a free copy for one lucky listener.  Check out the details on the giveway.

Music provided by Kevin MacLeod.

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Release Date for Delphi 2009 Announced

Nick Hodges just linked to an eWeek article that boldy places the release date of Delphi 2009 as 6 days from now on August 25th.

[UPDATE: This is when they will accept orders, shipping will occur later.]

Rather unusual for CodeGear to announce a release date in this manor.  Usually they announce the release date when they release it. Is this a case of eWeek misstating some facts?  Not the first time a news article has had some critical facts wrong.  Or did they slip up and break embargo and release the release date prematurely? [Update: Nick wasn’t aware that Michael Swindell has given them the date for the article.  All above board and accurate though.]

In my podcast on Monday I estimated it as next month, so it looks like I may have been too pessimistic.  Be sure this is one of the first questions I will be asking Nick for the podcast on next Monday.  Be sure to join us for that one.

In the very last paragraph they also give us the low down on pricing:

[UPDATE: This is upgrade pricing.]

The inclusion of pricing and release dates leads me to believe they have accurate data and just jumped the gun in publishing the article.  Or the Embacardo merge has resulted in a new way of announcing release dates and prices.

Also in the article was sourced as stating:

Great to see growth in the Delphi community.  250,000 developers, or 15% growth in 2 years is pretty good considering.

In answer to one of the proposed interview questions, the article also states that:

It also states that the Architect Edition is a new edition.  But I did some more checking, and there is an Architect edition of RAD Studio 2007:

Architect gets the full ECO package.  Granted I think the inclusion of ER/Studio in the 2009 Architect package is a great upgrade.  In additions to this nicely appointed Architect edition, I still am a strong believer in them keeping the Turbo or Personal editions going.  If we don’t introduce students, occupational programmers and new developers to Delphi then it will be hard to grow the community.

Interview with Nick Hodges

I am collecting some questions to ask Nick in our interview this week.  If you have any questions you would like considered for the interview please include them here.  I want to interview him early this week, so post your questions right away.

I am experimenting with a new anti-spam system on this blog.  It claims no false positives, so no-one should be rejected.  If you have any trouble posting, please email me at and hopefully the spam filter on my email doesn’t filter you too.

Update: Listen to the Interview.

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1 – Tiburon

It was a lot of work, but we have Episode 1 online.

This week I introduce you to the podcast and share some of the latest news on Tiburon.  Nick Hodges has agreed to be interviewed for next week’s episode, so be sure to check back for that.  Total run time is 18 minutes and 30 seconds since I know you are busy.

Special thanks to Scooter Software for sponsoring this podcast with the 25% discount code on Beyond Compare version 3 (listen to the podcast to get the code).  Also thanks to Jonathan Coulton for the music.