Release Date for Delphi 2009 Announced

Nick Hodges just linked to an eWeek article that boldy places the release date of Delphi 2009 as 6 days from now on August 25th.

[UPDATE: This is when they will accept orders, shipping will occur later.]

Rather unusual for CodeGear to announce a release date in this manor.  Usually they announce the release date when they release it. Is this a case of eWeek misstating some facts?  Not the first time a news article has had some critical facts wrong.  Or did they slip up and break embargo and release the release date prematurely? [Update: Nick wasn’t aware that Michael Swindell has given them the date for the article.  All above board and accurate though.]

In my podcast on Monday I estimated it as next month, so it looks like I may have been too pessimistic.  Be sure this is one of the first questions I will be asking Nick for the podcast on next Monday.  Be sure to join us for that one.

In the very last paragraph they also give us the low down on pricing:

[UPDATE: This is upgrade pricing.]

The inclusion of pricing and release dates leads me to believe they have accurate data and just jumped the gun in publishing the article.  Or the Embacardo merge has resulted in a new way of announcing release dates and prices.

Also in the article was sourced as stating:

Great to see growth in the Delphi community.  250,000 developers, or 15% growth in 2 years is pretty good considering.

In answer to one of the proposed interview questions, the article also states that:

It also states that the Architect Edition is a new edition.  But I did some more checking, and there is an Architect edition of RAD Studio 2007:

Architect gets the full ECO package.  Granted I think the inclusion of ER/Studio in the 2009 Architect package is a great upgrade.  In additions to this nicely appointed Architect edition, I still am a strong believer in them keeping the Turbo or Personal editions going.  If we don’t introduce students, occupational programmers and new developers to Delphi then it will be hard to grow the community.

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The Architect version is new if you compare with Delphi 2007 (Delphi Standalone without C++): For these editions, there was no architect edition.
So Architect is really new for Delphi-Standalone and thus for Delphi 2009…

The article says $399 for Delphi 2009 Professional. Is this for new users or is it the upgrade price?

If it is the new user price, then I think Delphi 2009 will have a huge boost in sales.

After all, $399 vs free (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express) is easier than $899 vs free…

I actually just interviewed Nick today for the Monday podcast, and he said that is the upgrade price. It will be available for orders on Monday, shipping a bit after that.

[quote=”Ray”]Please ask nick about Delphi support for silverlight.[/quote]
[Quote=””]The releases also feature a new capability known as VCL for the Web, which enables developers to build AJAX and Silverlight-enabled rich intranet and line-of-business Web applications

If anyone from Embarcadero listening, I would suggest to keep the price tag of $399 for new license and have a special pricing i.e. $199/$299 for upgrades (if no free upgrade).
If this low pricing strategy is used, I am damn sure that this year there will be at least 50% increase in sale of Delphi, apart from keeping existing users happy and loyal.

Another most important factor is to keep the IDE light, simple but powerful and (almost) bug free (as this is one of the key factor of VS IDE). All releases of Delphi after Delphi 7 are heavy and buggy IDEs and users are upset.

There is high hope among developers that Embarcadero will make things better, hope this will become true.

Have been with Delphi since 2.0. It was great then… it’s great now. I don’t think people realise the mkt for the product in the Indian subcontinent. Low price barrier and active training can do wonders for Delphi in INDIA.


I really want to know , as long as the Delphi 2009 is fully unicode Support , Why some Important Components are not Right To Left Align like TListView and TreeView ( Cause some languages are written from Right To Left Like Arabic , Thai … etc ) So normaly the Delphi 2009 is fully Right To Left Align Support as it supports Unicode .

Regards Randy

I fully agree with FX.
If prices for full product version would be the same as for upgrade prices, and upgrade would be just $100 less,
there would be a huge success for Delphi 2009.

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