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Screencast 4 – Delphi Prism WPF – Hello World

Another screen cast for Delphi Prism, this one is a WPF for Hello World.  Same as the WinForms, but WPF.  No naration this time.  2 minutes and 11 seconds.

Didn’t think I would get any more done at PDC, but I found some time . . . .

Screencast 3 – Delphi Prism first look

I recorded a quick first look at Delphi Prism in Visual Studio 2008.  Just a short overview of only 3:24 seconds to create a Hello World video.  This was recorded live while sitting in the hall at PDC2008.

More to come!  Let me know what you think and what you would like to see.

12 – Nick, marc & Allen on Delphi Prism

Sitting down with Nick Hodges, marc hoffman and Allen Bauer at Microsoft’s PDC2008 to discuss Delphi Prism. Get answers to all your questions about what Delphi Prism is, and the future of Delphi. Leave any questions you have on Delphi Prism here, and I’ll get the answers for you.

A little late to on this podcast, but it is some good information. The audio quality is not as good as I would like, but you can certainly hear what is going on.

More on Delphi Prism

There is a flash mob / Open Space session on Delphi 2009 and Prism at PDC2008 in the Open Space area at 3:30 PM.  See everyone there.

Also, I have a good conversation going on with Jay Faubion on my Delphi Prism post.  A lot more information in the comments.  Thanks Jay!

Live Twitting the Keynotes at PDC2008

Just in case you were not already following.  Of course from a Delphi developer point of view.

No Podcast Today

I had wanted to do something cool from PDC2008 for the podcast this week, but due to a series of events it just didn’t happen.  Hopefully I can get something put together for tomorrow.

What is Delphi Prism?

Sometimes being on-site slows you down. The WiFi is spotty and just finding a change to sit down is a challenge. The news about Delphi Prism is out. What is Delphi Prism? It is Delphi with full .NET 3.5+ support running in Visual Studio, with a number of the high power database solutions you would expect from CodeGear / Embarcadero.

Behind the scenes, this is accomplished with a stack of

You put all that together and you have a pretty exciting solution for .NET development.

Check out the impressive list of language features available in Delphi Prism, that are not available in C#.  We talked about a lot of these in Episode 5.  Notably:

Not to mention all the cool things you can do with the database tools.

I am sure there is much more to come about Delphi Prism.

First Delphi Flash Mob at PDC2008

At 1:45 AM today Allen Bauer will be presenting an open space session on Delphi 2009.  Be sure to show up with your Delphi questions and to find out what is new in Delphi 2009.  I’ll be there and would love to meet you too.

I picked up my Delphi Prism DVD too.  I’ll post some interesting details on that later.  Just in case you missed the news (or didn’t see it coming), it is powered by the RemObjects Oxygene compiler.  From what I can tell they have exclusively licensed it. 

PDC has been really interesting.  I’ve been live posting to Twitter as much as I can, and much more frequently then I can here.  I’ve already done a couple of interviews that I will be posting later too.  Need to find some good WiFi.  I am on one of the provided PC’s right now.  BTW, IE 8 Beta doesn’t seem it like WordPress’s Admin page.  Don’t think I can get Firefox installed though.

Delphi Flash Mob at PDC

To all Delphi developers (past, present and future) who are attending PDC next week, be sure to stop by CodeGear’s booth to find out about the time of the Delphi Flash Mob. I’ll also post details here and via my Twitter feed.

What is a flash mob?  Think of it as planned improvising.  PDC offers Open Spaces meeting areas for attendees to arrange their own impromptu sessions.  Kind of like Birds of a Feather sessions of old.  So plan on meeting there to discuss Delphi.  Allen Bauer has already volunteered to talk about anything he can and answer questions.  It should be a great opportunity to learn more about Delphi.  So bring your questions, or post them here now and we can be ready to address them there.

Remember: Details at CodeGear’s booth, on this blog, or via Twitter (check the Twitter page for more Delphi Twitterati)

Delphi Man Sighting

Delphi Man has been sighted in Germany at Vario Software, makers of the Ticare bug tracking software for Delphi with Delphi! Benjamin Peuthert sent me a picture of his team with Delphi Man and Dr. Deadline. Notice how they keep the two of them separated so they don’t do battle during the picture!

In the front are Sascha, Benjamin and Nedeljka, in the middle are Andreas and Thorsten and in the back is Olaf.   (Click for larger)

In the front from left to right: Sascha, Benjamin and Nedeljka. In the middle: Andreas and Thorsten. In the back: Olaf. Assuming you know Delphi Man and Doctor Deadline. (Click for larger)

I asked Benjamin to tell me a little about their bug tracking software and he told me (edited and formatted by me):

The most important feature at the moment is the Delphi plug-in, but some more cool and Delphi exclusive features are already in development. You have a list of your tasks in the IDE and can enter the time spent for a task directly in Delphi. Here are some screen shots.


I hope we finish the translation within the next two weeks. But yes, at the moment information is only available in German. Check out the product information is located, or information about our company.

Thanks to Benjamin and his whole team!  I look forward to hearing more about this great Delphi add-in, which I am sure Delphi Man uses in his battle against Dr. Deadline.

I love hearing about successful Delphi teams and seeing pictures of happy developers!  Anyone else out there with Delphi Man inflatables who wants to send me a picture?