What is Your Favorite Delphi Demo?

When you are showing Delphi to someone for the first time, what demo do you turn to? There is so much Delphi can do there really isn’t only one thing that sets it apart. Of course the classic demo is the button, edit box and list box. I’ve just that one a lot, and it is a good way to introduce someone who is new to programming.

I recently showed off my 5 minute REST Client demo. That one is a big hit with seasoned developers when they see how easy it is to consume a REST service and then deploy to 4 different platforms. I’ve done similar demos with InterBase and SQLite, also crowd pleasers. 

Another demo that I think goes over really well with seasoned developers is AppTethering. It makes it so easy for apps to discover each other on the local network and then share data, actions and resources.

Possibly even cooler is how easy Delphi makes it to connect to devices like Bluetooth heart rate monitors, drones, brain-computer interfaces, etc. 

What is your favorite Delphi demo? Maybe your favorite demo is an IDE feature, like the ability to preview an app on multiple platforms in realtime. Or maybe it is building a multi-tier app to safely share data across multiple devices. 

Leave a link, video or description of your favorite demo in the comments below. 

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Something that takes other developers’ socks right off while they watch, is to start by using the Datasnap Server Wizard to build a server that queries a database table (method that returns a TDataset), and then build and deploy the Android client that displays that data – all in less than 10 minutes.

Just launch FLStudio, or show a youtube vid with it, and say that it was made with Delphi.

It’s an extremely popular product, it has an overwhelming amount of features with lots of details, it’s snappy, looks smooth, has a plugin architecture, and you can make some amazingly good sounding stuff with it. It’s almost impossible that you’ve never heard a songs on the radio that were made with it.

Their GUI is very nice. I’ve read that they’ve made their own GUI kit, based on OpenGL instead of relying on VCL or FMX, and they’ve done an amazing job at it. They support multi-touch, and I’ve seen some beta of a version that runs on a Mac, using the Delphi OSX compiler! It would be amazing if they manage to get that working.

For a long time, Skype was the #1 Delphi product to show off, but only the front-end that was Delphi, and that part was actually kind of shitty. That hardly ever impressed anyone. But FLStudio is awesome. I’m not trying to promote it as a DAW, but for a demo it has more of a wow-factor.

FLStudio’s main developer should’ve been hired to work on the Delphi IDE or its GUI libraries,

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