Embarcadero MVP of the Year for 2015 – Stefan Glienke

Stefan GlienkeAs a way to acknowledge some of the hard work and amazing contributions each of our MVPs provides we are starting a new MVP of the Year program. It is already a few months into 2016, but I would like to start by recognizing our MVP of the year for 2015, Stefan Glienke. (He is missing from the MVP directory, but we will get him added right away.)

Stefan started programming with Turbo Pascal over 15 years ago, and now uses Delphi as his productive language of choice. He is an expert in software design patterns, principles and practices. He developed the DSharp library, Test Insight and is lead developer of Spring4d.

The process of selecting an MVP of the year involves nominations and feedback from other MVPs as well as our internal consideration. Everyone holds Stefan in high regard and appreciates his many contributions. Here is a little about Stefan.

  • Stefan GlienkeVery active in the developer community, especially on G+
  • Shares smart insights and code examples
  • Hosted a Developer Skill Sprint
  • Regular conference speaker
  • Writes great technical blog posts
  • Maintains some important open source libraries
  • Top contributor for Delphi on Stack Overflow
  • Created Test Insight IDE Plugin


You can find Stefan online in some of the following places:

Please join me in thanking Stefan for all that he does to help the community!

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11 Responses to Embarcadero MVP of the Year for 2015 – Stefan Glienke

  1. Ed says:

    Much appreciated!

  2. Randy Tapson says:

    A perfect choice. Much deserved!

  3. Alfred says:

    Congrats Stefan! Well deserved!

  4. Fronzel Neekburm says:

    Spring4D is an extremely powerful library, it really changed the way I work with Delphi. Thanks for that!

  5. I agree with this. His work has made our teams life easier in more than one way.

  6. Max Kleiner says:

    Congrat, still going strong, greetings, maXbox

  7. Dave N says:

    A worthy winner.. congratulations, Stefan!

  8. Bruce McGee says:


  9. Marcin Bury says:

    Congratulations, Stefan

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