33 – Andreas Hausladen

Andreas HausladenFor our first podcast after an extended hiatus we spoke with the amazing Spirit of Delphi 2007 award winner Andreas Hausladen.  For those who don’t know Andreas, he is the creator and maintainer of a number of Delphi addons, libraries and fixes, including DDevExtensions, VCL Fix Pack and IDE Fix Pack.  Much of the code of his DelphiSpeedUp were incorporated into Delphi 2007 and most all of it into Delphi 2009.

This is the first podcast recorded with my new Blue Snowflake microphone.  Let me know if you like the audio better.

The picture of Andreas is actually a few years old.  He didn’t have a current one.

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9 Responses to 33 – Andreas Hausladen

  1. Mario says:

    I like your podcast.
    Maybe it is just my preference. But it may sound better if I can hear both voices on both speakers. maybe mono instead of stereo.

    I was listening to the podcast while driving and I had to turn up the volume to listen to both of you

    just my 2 cents

  2. Nick says:

    my windows firewall just now block somthing called:
    ” Dcc32.exe SpeedFix ”
    author : Andreas Hausladen

    what the hell is that…???? 👿

  3. Jim McKeeth says:


    Was the firewall reporting it making a connection to a remote server? Maybe checking for an update? Or was it reporting that it was modifying dcc32.exe?

  4. Jim McKeeth says:

    Mario, I had a few people suggest that, so I have adjusted it. Thanks!

  5. Nick says:

    Hi Jim.. I have had some problems with my laptop, and since i’m NOT that much of an expert on PC’s
    I bought McAfee’s “full package”… to clean it from what ever there could be on it..
    -after i installed MfcAfee antivirus + + etc..
    the message as mentioned above, just pop’s up sometimes on the “desk top”…
    with no other programs running.
    ( i took a “print screen” of it, but i can’t attach the “photo” here, I have no idea what it is, nor what Dcc32.exe was doing.. )
    what is it..??

  6. pita says:

    mine keeps popping up saying that the windows firewall has blocked some features of this program. then it goes on saying that the name is :Dcc32.exe SpeedFix.. should i keep on blocking?

  7. pita says:

    Dcc32.exe SpeedFix ****

  8. Jim McKeeth says:

    If you are using Delphi and the firewall pops up asking about blocking DCC32 SpeedFix, then don’t block it, let it run. If you are not using Delphi, then you might have a problem.

What are your thoughts?