Return of Delphi Man

My friend Jamie sent me a Twitter earlier that he found an original Delphi Man.  Jamie said he has actually had Delphi Man at his side on his desk for quite some time.  He is actually planning to patch him to say CodeGear instead of Borland, although the Borland is fairly discrete now.

So print out Delphi Man and take him with you on all your Delphi Programming adventures as you fight the evil forces of Doctor Deadline and his sinister sidekicks Bug Boy and Feature Creaper.

Does anyone out there have Doctor Deadline pdf?  If I remember correctly Borland released them as a pair, and some lucky developers actually got a inflatable of them!  I actually made up Bug Boy and Feature Creaper, but maybe some one is talented enough to make them. . . . .

For those who don’t know Jamie he was the first Delphi developer I connected with on Twitter and actually encouraged me to start the Podcast, so if you like the podcast send Jamie a big thanks.  He also recently updated his blog to include Delphi Programming on every page.  Way to go Jamie!

Delphi is sure to be language of the year with support like that!